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ASUS ROG Strix Hero III Review

Compromise and gaming do not go well together, which is why most passionate gamers lust after machines that deliver the best performance with optimum design and graphics. If that seems like a tall order, then kudos is due to the ASUS ROG Strix Hero III laptop—an esports-ready device that delivers peak performance while retaining a slim and streamlined build. It is available in 15-inch models (G531GW/G531GV/G531GU) as well as 17-inch ones (G731GW/G731GV/G731GU).

asus rog strix hero iii review

In this detailed review, we examine the offerings of the most recent ASUS ROG Strix Hero laptop and adjudge its potential as a contemporary gaming partner.

Processing Muscle: Speedy & Resilient

The new ASUS Hero is powered by a ninth-gen Intel Core I9-9880H processor, supported by 32GB RAM and 1TB of storage space (SSD, along with 1TB FireCuda SSHD). These are glorious specs, adequate to fuel high-power gaming and store elaborate gaming libraries without slowing the system down. Your games tend to load quickly, and the overall experience is speedy and efficient. If you need extra memory and storage, you can access the slots comfortably; no special tools are required.

performance asus rog strix hero iii

The highlight of the processing setup is, however, the top-notch cooling system—Intelligent Cooling—that is one of the finest among contemporaries. It employs fans with 83 blades for enhanced airflow and an anti-dust technology to keep the interiors cool and functioning at their optimum even amidst immense heat. Also noteworthy is the ROG Armoury Crate software that allows you to toggle between operating modes to fine-tune the performance of the system.

asus rog armoury crate software

Bonus: This laptop supports ROG Keystone—a fantastic way to protect your personal data. These are basically NFC-enabled keys (Near-field communication) that permit you to access a “Shadow Drive” for high-security storage. Really slick!

The Power of RTX & Superfast Display

Infused with an NVIDIA RTX 2070 graphics coprocessor, this laptop makes it possible for gamers to enjoy scintillating features like real-time ray tracing and graphics enhanced by artificial intelligence. The GPU, based on the Turing architecture, is strengthened further by the ROG Boost technology that lets it run up to 1540MHz. Many top game-makers are now announcing RTX-special upgrades and launches; so, you would be investing in a future-forward technology.

display asus rog strix hero iii

The display, in general, is befitting that of a laptop so mighty. The monitor boasts of an excellent refresh rate—240Hz—which enables you to game without stutter even at the highest settings. This is a huge advantage especially in combat games where the minutest detail (or the loss of it) can mean the difference between triumph and earth-shattering defeat. Note that this laptop is VR-ready and compatible with the newest NVIDIA GameWorks technology. The result? Amazing resolution, 360-degree image capture, and convenient plug and play.

Another winsome feature of the display is the narrow bezels (screen-to-body ratio of as much as 81.5%) that help you game without interference. This also allows the chassis to be more compact than is usual for machines in this league.

Functional but Attractive Build

How does the new ASUS Hero look? For a powerful gaming device, exuding the full strength of the beast within is essential to find favor with present-age audiences. This metal-capped laptop, designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks Group, has a midnight-black exterior and an interior with a cyber-text pattern. Particularly interesting are the raised ridges and the additional venting above the rear exhaust; it makes a substantial difference to the efficiency of the cooling mechanism.

design asus rog strix hero iii

Another stellar feature of the build is the way it incorporates scissor-door hinges that can hide into the chassis. The result is two-fold brilliance: extra space for venting and more protection from damage through exposure. Notably, the laptop remains quite light for its class at 5.6lbs (15”) and 6.2lbs (17”). The thickness of the profile is also fairly lean at 0.98–1 inch. Clearly, this is a machine that understands how great design must be both sturdy and flexible.

The keyboard design is also a blessing for gamers: per-key RGB backlighting and torture testing for 20 million presses.

Other Pro-Gaming Features to Boot

First up: fantastic acoustics! This computer utilizes the Smart Amp technology to maximize the bass and volume you get from the speakers. The outcome is up to 2.8 times greater volume and thrice as much bass. The difference in gameplay is incredible.

keyboard asus rog strix hero iii

We particularly love the Aura Sync light bar that encompasses everything from the keyboard to peripherals and the ROG logo. Since RGB LEDs are placed all around the chassis, you get a gorgeous illuminated effect that you can customize depending upon your mood (or the mood of the game). The crisp, bright lighting is available in numerous styles like reactive, rain and ripple.

In the connectivity department too, this device scores major brownie points. It offers not only Intel 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi (2×2)—with a peak wireless bandwidth of up to 1.7Gbps—but also RangeBoost Wi-Fi. The latter provides you stronger and more consistent connectivity than you may have been previously used to. This is thanks to the four internal antennas that increase the wireless range by up to 30%.

ports asus rog strix hero iii

Additionally, the laptop is fitted with several USB ports to let you connect to any devices or peripherals that you need. The available gamut includes a USB 3.1 Type-C port and three USB 3.1 Type-A ports. There is also a display port and an HDMI that you can use to plug into an external monitor (4K monitor, up to 60Hz).

Closing Note

The ASUS ROG line-up has established a solid reputation in the marketplace for understanding the pulse of modern-age gaming. With the ASUS ROG Strix Hero III, ASUS has upped its game further, equipping it with a ninth-gen Intel Core processor, NVIDIA RTX graphics, and a mesmerizing 240Hz display. This computer also boasts of one of the most effective heat dissipation systems you will find, along with best-in-class Wi-Fi, brilliant audio, and a build that doesn’t tax your back. It is certainly a victor.

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