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ASUS ROG Remixes Their Way With A New Collaboration With DJ Alan Walker

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced their new collaboration with famous DJ Alan Walker for producing new, refreshed and enhanced gaming and tech content for their gaming users that will bring enthusiasm amidst a wider range of audience.

ASUS ROG collaboration with DJ Alan Walker

Over the course of years, ASUS has experienced their gaming audience evolve with their launches, including new athletes and gaming enthusiasts. Taking this as an inspiration, ASUS ROG is committed to bring improved gaming technology that empowers the next gen. gamer.

When they were looking at the possible prospects for their next collaboration, self-made entrepreneur and popular music producer Alan Walker stood out of the rest.

He was the one who shared some of the valuable insights as to what kind of changes the next generation gamers would need.

Not just that, his personal attachment and valuable inputs concerning gaming further solidified his presence in the ROG’s next venture.

When asked for a statement, Alan Walker said that he is over the moon with this new development in his career as he has always wanted to mesh in technology and his knowledge of music to bring something unique to the world.

Ever since the starting of his career, Walker has always kept gaming as an open option. Even with the hits that he has produced, he has managed to keep the line of gaming open on the side. This is one of the reasons why his fan-base included a whole lot of gamer as well.

Walked has even contributed his amazing talent into creating On My Way and Live Fast, with ASAP Rocky, which are part of the PUBG mobile game. He has also produced music for some of the other games that have taken off as well.

With this collaboration, Walker and ASUS ROG employees are working to enhance the overall user experience of the content creators and the gamer using these devices. They also kickstarted this campaign by creating a device that stands out and is tailor made to meet Walker’s needs as both a musician and a gamer. The one device that stood out for the same was ROG Zephyrus G14.

Packing in a stunning AMD Ryzen 9 CPU (8-core 16-thread) and a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, this lightweight 14” gaming laptop is nothing but an absolute boon for every user around the corner.

Not just the appearance and the design, even when it came round to the performance of the device, this stood out as the best option for Walker as he is always on the go and is testing out new applications for his music.

But, the factor that stood out to Walker that inclined him towards the device was the wide range of accessory yet premium features that the device comes with.

If you want a heavy duty and seamless experience while playing or streaming games online, there are a number of external features and accessories that need to be set up. With Zephyrus G14, everything comes built in, which is a very amazing factor about this device.

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The IPS display of the device comes with Pantone validation and also supports the Adaptive Sync variable refresh rate technology that further enhances one’s overall user experience for the better.

It also sports a quad speaker design, which enhances the sound quality for the better. Each speaker supports the Dolby Atmos technology, providing with an immersive audio and sound experience unlike anything else around.

The sneak peeks to some of the video trailers for the audience concerning the collaboration will be coming out starting August 2020. It will also share some of the behind the scenes content as well.

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