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ASUS L406MA-AB02-WH/BL Thin and Light Laptop Review

If you have been looking out for a device that makes you productive even with the hassle associated with it, it is best suggested to ensure that you do look out for the upcoming new launch from ASUS. The ASUS L406MA-AB02 is one of the thinnest and light weight laptop which has been developed for the users who never want to lose their productivity even when they are on the go.

asus l406ma-ab02-wh review

The laptop is most definitely a much awaited one, owing to the kind of amazing reviews that have already started pouring in. If you have been on the lookout for buying this, but weren’t sure whether it’s a hit or miss, we have got your back.

Build and Design

The very first thing that snatches the attention of the user is most definitely the starking white or the blue color of the laptop. It is just 0.7” in thickness which is pretty amazing for design asus l406ma-ab02-wh a laptop of this calibre. The overall weight of this device is 2.87 lbs, so you can easily carry it around anywhere you want without having to worry about the same.

The while lid and the overall white seam with the embellished logo of the brand on the lid gives it a very premium look that you just can’t skip out on. The combination of the compact dimensions with some amazing streamlined curves further makes it easier to handle around in this.

The screen ratio further is also amazing, making it a lot easier for you to enjoy the visuals without compromising on the display size. The combination of the thin bezels and the additional compact design takes it up by a notch.

Not just that, the hinges are very sturdy and the keypad in this laptop are very sensitive to touch, so you don’t have to bang on it while typing. This further adds to the amazing experience all the more.

keyboard asus l406ma-ab02-wh

The one of a kind feature of this laptop is the fact that it has a fan less design which is not something you do readily get. This helps keep the noise away, perfect for the moments when you seek silence around you, for yourself and for the others too. It has been found to help in saving the unnecessary usage of the power and helps in boosting the system reliability too.

It has a total of 2 USB ports along with the wireless Bluetooth connection of 802.11b/n/ac.


Coming on to the display, ASUS never really lets down their consumers with that. The ASUS L406MA-AB02 does come with a smaller display of 14” which is pretty amazing given that it is already quite thin and lightweight, thus making it easy to travel.

The unique feature of this is the fact that it does come with a high definition display with screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels but the display is matte. The additional of the ASUS NanoEdge Bezel further accentuates the features even more so.

The tried and tested display quality doesn’t fail to stand up to the standards because of the amazing range of qualitative features that it has been imbibed with. If you want the best experience while working or even while indulging in one of your games, you are assured to have the best viewing experience like no other.


With the display features out of the way, the next and possibly the most important thing to discuss is about the performance of the ASUS L406MA-AB02. You just can’t compromise with the performance of a laptop that you have spent so much on and this new model from ASUS doesn’t make you settle as well.

performance asus l406ma-ab02-wh

Powered by 2.6 GHz Intel Celeron N4000 Processor and with the Windows 10 Home S operating system, you are assured to get the best experience while operating this. The combination of one of the best processors along with the 64 GB flash memory SSD and the 4GB DDR3 RAM, you don’t have to compromise on the efficiency of the laptop.

It has been imbibed with the best in class features for better productivity without introducing any kind of lag or such in the process. The energy efficient processor is targeted to enhance the performance with the exception of whether its work or even entertainment.

The addition of the WiFi 5 which is the better version of the WiFi 4, you are assured with amazing experience in terms of the speed and such that you just can’t miss out on. It has a very versatile approach to it, which ensures to provide you with the best kind of experience like no other.

Battery Life

Last but not the least is to highlight the amazing battery life of this device. It provides with up to 12 hours of battery life with moderate usage. It comes with three times the better results from the Li-ion battery, that helps you last longer with the full charge.

battery life asus l406ma-ab02-wh

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This helps you keep the constant fretting of seeking a charger away which is pretty amazing as well. Additionally, the ASUS fast charging technology further accentuates the experience like no other. It claims that you can charge the device to 60% in just 49 minutes.

Final Verdict

Summarising it all, the only thing that we would definitely suggest is to go for this if you require your laptop more for your professional work. It provides with immaculate features and an overall good experience which is unparalleled. Additionally, it also comes with the 1-year Microsoft Office 365 personal subscription which is an added bonus altogether. You just can’t skip out on this at least.

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Nevertheless, the ASUS L406MA-AB02 is quite an amazing device with the latest features and that too in a budget price. So, there is not much that you are typically missing out on at all.

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