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ASUS GA401I and GA502I to come with Ryzen 7 4800H Processor

While it is quite common to get first hand information on some of the upcoming launches, it is believed from some of the leaks that the ASUS GA401I and GA502I is all set to come ryzen 7 processor with Ryzen 7 4800H Processors. The information further suggests that the same is likely to have eight multi-threaded cores for super fast experience and processing without any kind of lags whatsoever.

The post further claims suggesting that the chips are going to be APUs which suggests that they will have the Vega graphics. The post lacks in-depth information but the minimal amount that has been shared suggests that the same is going to impose strong competition to the existing Intel Core i9-9880H processor.

From the assumptions with the available information, the tech geeks are suggesting that the APUs are expected to provide the users with optimal experience while keeping the overall temperature in control. This is set to create a breakthrough in the mobile computing sphere and further information is being looked into.

It isn’t a new factor that AMD has dominated the desktop market in this year and the launch of the ASUS GA401I and GA502I with the Ryzen 7 4800H processor is expected to take things to the next level without any further complaints whats-over. It is set to promise the users ease of use along with proficient usage of the available features for an even better experience like no other.

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Further information needs to be released to get a full picture of things but if the news in the air turns out true, it is something that nobody could have expected.

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