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ASUS E406SA Laptop Overview – Red Dot Award 2018 Winner

ASUS E406SA is the Red Dot Award 2018 Winner. This laptop has been able to win this prestigious title due to its innovative features and functionality richness. The ability to save power, to enable fast downloading and seamless streaming and the classy features like sleek display and ergonomic keyboard offer the unmatched experience the users always search for.

asus e406sa laptop overview red dot award 2018 winner


Active all the 24 hours with no sign of stress – such tremendous activity is made possible with the addition of Intel Quad-core Celeron processor. This processor works faster, helps deliver volumes of work in minimal time and offers reliable support for carrying out multiple applications simultaneously.

The ASUS E406SA is configured in two processor options – Intel® Pentium® N3710 Processor, and Intel® Celeron® N3060/N3160 Processor. Depending upon the volume of work expected to be extracted from it, one can make a choice between the two.


Crisp pictures and bright colors become more conspicuous with Intel HD Graphics card which is integrated on to the motherboard of ASUS E406SA. The users can feel the brilliance of the working of this graphics card when the pictures run ultra smooth on this laptop. There is a conspicuous rapidness in the streaming of visual content and downloading of videos, animated games and movies while consuming less power than ever.

performance asus e406sa

Thus, you feel amazed with the quality of downloads and do not hesitate in downloading content of high quality as you know this laptop will not fail you no matter how crisp or bulky your visual content is.


ASUS E406SA offers three options in display. You can select from Nano-edge displays accentuated with 7.8mm bezel having 45% NTSC and 178o wide viewing angle or 45% NTSC minus the wide viewing angle and second choice is further differentiated into two options – 1920x1080p resolution and 1366x768p resolution. LED screen of backlit type and 16:9 ratio makes video calls more inclusive.

nanoedge display asus e406sa

You can definitely see conspicuous crispness in the video and images and details of the content will be something truly appreciable. The features mentioned make all images lively and every video or movie comes with cinematic experience. Thus, with ASUS E406SA around, you can enjoy rich imagery, vibrant colors and a manual way of optimizing the screen by choosing from modes such as Vivid, Eye care mode, Manual mode.

Tru2Life technology from ASUS adds to the liveliness of the content being run on this laptop. And with such modes, one can easily continue to work with same speed irrespective of the type of lighting available around.

Keyboard and Touchpad

ASUS E406SA has super sleek keyboard with sophisticated keys. Designed to withstand millions of keystrokes and with least key travel time, one can find in this laptop an ergonomic support for carrying out loads of work.

keyboard and touchpad asus e406sa

You will never be exhausted and the speedster in you is likely to get full support in this beautifully


The body is quite light in weight weighing about only 1.3Kgs, thus, it can easily be carried around. Also, the color finishes of grey, blue and white offer you an aesthetically crisp device that is quite capable of turning heads and complementing your vibrant personality.


ASUS E406SA allows you to work in peace. Its fan-less cooling system not only takes away extra pounds off the body, but also offers noiseless machine that can be used for working without disturbing others even in public places. Fan-less design makes this laptop power-efficient too, as the power consumption is reduced to a great extent.

lightweight design asus e406sa


The ASUS E406SA is certainly a product for off the hook working style. This laptop is designed to deliver maximum of 14 hours of non-stop cable-free working support to the users. Thus, if BYOD is there in your company, you can easily enjoy this policy by taking this laptop at work. This battery life, however, varies with the usage pattern and the kind of processor configuration, storage etc picked by the buyer.

Also, the battery gets charged about 25-40% faster than other counterparts as it is empowered with ASUS fast-charge technology. The battery becomes 60% full in just 40 minutes.

Storage and RAM

You can find ASUS E406SA in the memory options of 2GB and 4GB. You can also choose from eMMC technology enabled storage options of 32 GB, 64GB and 128G while buying the laptop. Thus, depending upon the storage requirements, you can find ample support for storing documents, music, videos, graphic files and all that matters to you at work and also in personal life. The ample storage allows faster reading/writing of data and offers faster data downloading per unit of power consumed.


You enjoy truly immersive sound powered by ASUS SonicMaster Technology that comes to the user in full throw through 2 built-in speakers. You can also send voice messages across clearly and crisply with microphone in-built and also add more powerful headset through mic/headphone jack provided in this laptop.

Networking and Interfaces

ASUS E406SA can be connected to the internet network 25% faster due to the presence of 802.11ac Wi-Fi slot. You can download more GB of data in less power and find it coming on to the device much more seamlessly than ever.

There are interfaces like 1 HDMI, 1 micro SD card, 2 Type A USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, and so on. The users are given card reader choices of SD/SDXC/SDHC also to choose from and have additional interface to store favorite content upon. Thus, using all these ports, one can easily set up a wholesome workstation by bringing in all quality peripherals and extract the best usage from this laptop.


Take home the technological innovation, take home ASUS E406SA. This laptop is good to look at; easy to carry around and quite dependable owing to functional excellence it exhibits. It surely is worth all the accolades showered on it as this laptop takes functional brilliance, aesthetic appeal and intelligence working to another level. Equipped with all advanced features, the laptop deserves to be the enviable Red Dot Award Winner!

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