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ASUS C202SA-YS02 Chromebook Review – Rugged Laptop For Students

ASUS C202SA-YS02 Chromebook holds rugged and durable design, elegant lookup, strong features, superb battery life, spill-resistant keyboard and more importantly comes at a very affordable price. Its spill-resistant keyboard heaps lot of praise from critics. The 180-degree hinge is a very nice addition to this Chromebook. Every feature has been precisely designed to fulfill every students or classroom needs.

ASUS C202SA-YS02 Chromebook review

ASUS C202SA-YS02 Introduction

ASUS Chromebook is the bestselling laptop because of its latest technical specifications and budget-friendly price. This Chromebook possesses every feature which is essential for every student, classroom, any home or office environment. Every student requires very tough Chromebook which can handle any drop from few inches or centimeters and some resistance to liquid as well. They also require elegant & sporty look, latest configuration and not so heavy on the pocket device.

So, ASUS introduces C202SA-YS02 Chromebook which is perfect match to this requirement. This Chromebook is designed by keeping every student’s requirement in mind. It offers very good design, latest configuration, comfortable keyboard and massive battery life with the price tag under $230.00.

Technical Specifications

Processor Intel Celeron N3060 1.6 GHz Memory 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM
HDD 16 GB eMMC Graphics Intel HD Graphics 400
Display 11.6” Full HD anti-glare Battery 2 Cells 38 Whrs
Connection Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi / USB Camera HD

Design and Durability

ASUS Chromebook’s design is compact but nicely packed up. There are lot of enhancements to design which makes it look elegant and sporty. Lid and bottom are surrounded with rubber hinge which protects this Chromebook from small drops. There is blue rubber on grey plastic at the top which looks attractive and makes this Chromebook bit different from its competitors.

Design and durability ASUS C202SA-YS02 Chromebook

Durability remains a huge concern for school or college going kids and ASUS focused heavily in this department with this Chromebook. There is 3mm molding of rubber frame all around the edges which protect this Chromebook from any bumps and knocks. On the bottom, there are rubber grips to prevent any slipping down the desk. The Company claims that this Chromebook can handle any drop till approx. 4 feet flat and approx. 2.5 feet of side fall which looks impressive.

The Keyboard is comfortable, very nicely designed and can resist up to 66cc of liquid spill. The Dual option of children friendly and spill-resistant keyboard is provided in this Chromebook. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 is a little bit thick among its competitors like Dell Chromebook or Lenovo ThinkPad but still lightweight and compact in design. Due to its compact design, it packs easily in backpacks and looks good to eyes. You can open this Chromebook untill 180-degree which allows you easy and comfortable viewing from tough angles.

Tactically this Chromebook is very easy to repair. Delegate parts like keyboard which breaks quite often have been placed differently from other components. So, it’s very easy to de-assemble this device and replace any defective part with new one.


Display ASUS C202SA-YS02 Chromebook11.6 inch with the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels HD screen is crisp and detailed one. Antiglare coating is provided with this display which makes it easier to use in daytime and outside premises. Sharpness lacks a bot from this display but you have to give full marks for clarity. Defense is strong in the display as well with its hinge and bezel. 180 degrees of flexibility is provided for the screen. The large bezel covers up the display very neatly and strongly.

Hardware & Performance

C202SA-YS02 hardware is up to date and provides maximum performance for Chromebook. CPU is powered with Intel Celeron N3060 processor 1.6 GHz and 4 GB of RAM. You can easily watch videos or write notes on this Chromebook. Display quality is crystal clear with 11.6” display and integrated Intel HD Graphics.

It is not out and out power packed device but packed nicely & compact with the heavy punch. You can play any games without any breakups or hang-ups. The Frame rate is exceptional.

Battery Life

Battery life ASUS C202SA-YS02 ChromebookThe Battery consists 2 Cells 38 Whrs which can give you approx. 8.5 hours of usage with the maximum setting and continuous use. A Little bit of less usage and configuration will give you more backup of approx. 10 hours. Considering its use battery life is not bad at all. Some websites also claim the backup of approx. 12 hours in their runtime test but mostly rate approx. 8-10 hours of backup with this device.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard ASUS C202SA-YS02 ChromebookThe Keyboard is comfortable and fixed separately from other components. This is very well thought design because the keyboard is very delegating in terms of handling. You can easily replace the new keyboard with the old one without many hiccups. There is a good amount of free space provided in Chromebook which makes it comfortable.

The touchpad is also very sensitive. Plastic is flexible and can hold maximum pressure. Both keyboard and touchpad are spill proof. They can resist up to 66cc of the liquid spill with ease. Figures are excellent for this Chromebook. You can wish for more free space in between keys but the comfort factor is still not missing. Typing is comfortable and touchpad functions smooth overall.


Pros and Cons are always associated with any device and ASUS Chromebook is nor different in this case. Most of the positives and features already listed but there are few shortcomings as well in this Chromebook. A Little bit heavy among its competitors is a bad note for this device. Display sharpness is not that much effective. These are few negatives for this device which also requires attention while purchasing.


There are a lot of features which you can’t miss for this Chromebook. Rugged build, sturdy edges/bottom, anti-glare screen, good battery life, comfortable keyboard and touchpad and price under $230 are not normally you find with any device. This Chromebook is built to fulfill student’s requirement and it offers the same.


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