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ASUS Announces Chromebook C204, C403 and Flip C214 – CES 2019

ASUS has announced addition of three Chromebooks in the series of Education Laptops. Parents as well as the students of the present times look for solutions where all education material of the kids can be saved in one place. And, ASUS education series Chromebooks offer perfect answer to this requirement.

asus announces chromebook c204, c403 and flip c214 for ces 2019

ASUS Chromebook C204

The first in the series of education laptops from ASUS going to hit the shelves anytime is ASUS Chromebook C204. This laptop is designed to support the environment at school. Dark grey finish imparts it a formal look quite apt for the school environs. There is another variant made in blue-and-white color. The device is lightweight owing to its thin chassis, but it is no less in sturdiness. There are features like rubberized chassis and corners provided to complement the energy that is common in a school.

asus chromebook c204

Its display is small yet vivid. 11.6-inch wide screen is all beauty and lots of brains as it’s supported by dual core Celeron processor at the backend. You can enjoy working in canteens, and other places due to its anti-glare feature.

Now replace all books with ASUS Chromebook C204. It comes with lots of cloud-based applications like Google Slides, Docs and Sheets, etc. Also, there is 4GB RAM available to provide you extra speed in everything you do. Your speedier working gets another support in the form of keyboard with just 1.5mm of key travel. Since the key travel is a bit deeper, you will make fewer mistakes and complete work faster, error-free.

Chrome extensions and android apps come together in ASUS Chromebook C204 and make the multitasking super fun for school-going kids. They also have humongous storage of 32GB to have the whole session’s learning material saved at one place.

The device does not falter on connectivity too. There are USB Type-A and Type-C ports provided to enable faster data transfers from one device to another. And, you will also find dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 ac that will help you access Google the fastest. Thus, your study material is going to be richer than ever with this device on your side.

If you are a fan of virtual learning, the HD webcam and high quality audio will help you fulfill your requirements of online learning with great ease. Thus, book your ASUS Chromebook C204 today, if you are interested in making your learning environment enriched than ever.

ASUS Chromebook C403

This ASUS education series laptop is sturdier and sleeker. It snuggles into the normal back with no fuss and all of 13.5” width and 9” depth make it a truly portable laptop fit to go with you to school.

asus chromebook c403

Studded with 14” HD display, you get lot more workspace and enjoy doing complex tasks with no strain on eyes. The ergonomic build of keyboard keeps your neck, shoulder and hands healthy, in addition to allowing you to work for longer hours and do bulk projects. The 180° wide angle of the screen allows you accessing the content from various distances so that you are free to move while making presentation.

This sturdy laptop from outside is fuelled with dual-core Intel CPU and 4GB RAM making it easy for the user to keep this laptop functional and engaged in different task. The laptop simply won’t complain!

User would enjoy scalability, safety and flexibility of Goggle Drive and other cloud based applications that will allow working both offline and online.

ASUS Chromebook C403 allows mixing work and fun. There are I/O ports for audio combo jacks provided for tuning to music and private conversations of video type with added ease. The user also finds an additional USB Type-A port on the body which is, perhaps, enlarged than other education laptops for better connectivity and added workspace. Presentations made super stylish with USB Type-C ports as it allows bringing in more screens for additional outputs.

The laptop can work for all working hours cord-free as its batter delivers 11 hours of working when charged to full. The operating system and resources of this laptop are optimized for smooth working of Google Suite and so, the user achieves more off the given hours of studying and playing.

Keyboard is spill-resistant, smoother to type and the 180 degree rotatable hinge makes sharing and working a seamless process. Book ASUS Chromebook C403 to have added agility at studies!

ASUS Chromebook Flip C214

Now, this is something that every modern classroom needed! ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 allows you carrying it around, discuss ideas, take notes and do lot more during the study session. It is a convertible and so, student need not modify the working pattern according to the device; the device does the job for the student this time!

asus chromebook c214

Users will find its exteriors sturdy and interiors abuse-proof. The device comes with marvelous N4000 and N4100 Celeron processor (optional) to let you work more and stress less. The users would collaborate like a pro with the help of USB Type –A, Wi-Fi of dual band type, standard 802.11 ac and will enrich their knowledge with faster sharing.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 offer Google Suite, for easier working, a stylus for drawing and designing and palm rest to share over video calls whatever you create. The world-view camera and bottom right corner location make video calls simply effortless and sharing super fun.

This laptop can be repaired in no time and all it needs is little expertise and few tools and you will be able to have all crucial elements fixed in no time. This is last thing expected off it as its rugged exterior and series of drop tests have given the makers the confidence of calling it a tough machine to tamper.

All these laptops from ASUS are going to hit the shelves in coming months. The preview of these was available at the recent CES 2019 and it was well-received by the audience.

Be ready to get floored by the genius of education laptops from ASUS; the world of learning is about to change!

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