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Apple Set to Unveil Arm-based MacBook Models in Big Event on November 10


Apple is all set to launch their all new 13-inch MacBook Air and both the 13 and 16” MacBook Pro variants at their next event, One More Thing, on November 10. Even though the reports are yet to be confirmed, it is likely that these upcoming MacBook models could feature Apple’s own silicon. The same is reported to be based on the A14 Bionic SoC. This is the same chipset that runs the Apple iPhone 12 devices.

The reports as mentioned by Bloomberg suggests that the invites for the event were titled as “One More Thing”, which is likely inclined towards the launch of the new MacBook models that the users have been anticipating all along.

Further reports suggest that Apple has been consistently ramping up the production of the MacBook models under Foxconn manufacturing. They are the ones responsible for the 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro models while Quanta Computer is handling the manufacturing of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

With the faster production, the November 10 event by Apple will likely witness the launch or announcement of the 13” MacBook Pro and Air. The 16” MacBook Pro variant might take some time for its official launch.

According to reports, the new MacBooks are only going to witness a switch from the Intel chipset to their own. The remaining design and aesthetics of the device is likely going to remain the same.

Aside from the launch of the new MacBooks, Apple is also in the process of redesigning their iMac along with the Mac Pro. Not just the MacBooks, even these two new and redesigned desktops will likely sport the new Apple silicone instead of the Intel processors.

The new Mac Pro is also going to be designed even more compact than its current design, chopping down the dimensions by half. But, aside from the change in size, the overall look and aesthetics of the device is not going to be different. Which launches out of these will be finally announced on November 10 is a fact that we’d have to wait and see.

The reports also suggest that Apple has been eyeing this big move of switching from Intel processors back in 2018 but made the same an official announcement in WWDC in 2020. It also confirmed that the transition from the existing Intel chipsets to Apple silicon will likely start in the end of the year.

Apple further initiated a Universal App Quick Start Programme that gave the developers an early access to switch to the native silicon ahead of the launch of the hardware. The company also clarified that the entire transition will take around 2 years to be completely done.

Aside from all these launches that are in the works, Apple is also currently working on the macOS Big Sur, its next-generation operating system. Even this one is going to start rolling out in November 10. The new OS is also going to feature a number of changes.

With all these reports and speculations, everyone will have to wait until the next week to actually find out what is going to happen and what part of the launches are going to come out. The upcoming event, because of the ongoing pandemic, will be held virtually from Apple Park, Cupertino.

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