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Apple Set To Release a MacBook with its own Silicon in November

While the consumers of Apple products are currently in the process of recovering from the new launches announced on October 13 in the event, the tech-brand is now set to launch their first Arm-based Mac in the month of November.

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Apple announced the launch of the next installation in the iPhone range with iPhone 12 and while the consumers thought that was it with the launches this year, Apple hinted into a whole new ballgame.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is all set to unveil their very first Macbook portable with the Arm chips, making it a first of a kind. The launch is likely set to happen in November.

Just in June at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple announced that they are in the process of swapping out the current Intel processors in their Macbook that they have used for years now with their very own Arm chips.

The brand is also planning on launching the first Apple-silicon Macs by the end of 2020. But, even with all the floating rumors, nothing is set in stone yet, until the official confirmation comes in.

Apple had further clarified before that making a switch from Intel processors to their very own could be a time-consuming process that requires ample research and development.

The brand is likely going to be using Mac portable for the launch and to show off their new chipset. If this actually happens as the speculations suggest, it would pave way for two distinct changes, it will enhance the portable power consumption in comparison to the Intel-based devices and will have better control over the hardware and the software functions of the device.

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