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Apple May Launch OLED Macbook Air and iPad Pros in 2024

Apple’s Macbook Air displays are currently suffering from a massive inferiority complex as the competition has been offering much better displays for much lower prices. However, faster and visually appealing OLED displays might be coming to the Macbook Air in 2024 alongside the iPad Pros.

OLED Macbook Air iPad
Apple’s M2 Macbook Air

Apple’s Upcoming Macbook Air and iPad Pro Models Can Arrive With OLED Displays

According to some new information shared by display analyst and leaker Ross Young, the 13-inch Macbook Air will feature an OLED display in 2024. The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models should also receive the same OLED treatment alongside the upcoming Foldable iPad (obviously).

The OLED iPads will support ProMotion as they do with the current-gen iPad Pros, but the Macbook Air is also expected to get 120Hz ProMotion with the OLED upgrade. This can be game-changing, but just for Apple users, as I expect most of the competition to already be on 120Hz OLED displays by then.

This can also lead to Apple’s next-gen 14-inch and 16-inch Macbook Pros upgrading to 165Hz or maybe even 240Hz displays. However, I don’t see that happening immediately with the 2023 refreshes, so maybe after the Macbook Air has moved on to 120Hz, we’ll see those upgrades. Will those also switch to OLED? Most likely, but we’ll still have to wait for confirmation until we have more information on the same.

If Apple’s M-series silicon upgrades are any indication, the 2024 Macbook Air and iPad Pros should come with the upcoming Apple M3 SoC. We’re still waiting on the M2 Pro and M2 Max powered Macbook Pros (14″ and 16″) which are expected to be unveiled in 2023, so I won’t expect the M3 before late 2024.

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