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Windows Will Get Apple Music and Apple TV Apps by 2023

Apple has doubled down on its subscription-based services due to massive revenue surges and app availability is one of the key areas they’re expanding on. After bringing their apps to multiple Smart TV platforms, Apple will now bring their Music and TV apps to Windows.

Apple Windows Apps
Apple Music running on LG WebOS

Apple Music and Apple TV Apps Are Coming to Windows

Microsoft took the stage earlier to announce the next generation of Surface devices featuring several advancements including support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. Clearly, the company is focusing more to provide a better multimedia experience, and seems like that is also true for the entire Windows 11 platform.

With Windows Laptops now coming with extremely capable IPS and OLED displays with better audio capabilities, the company is also pushing hard for the availability of more music & video streaming apps on its platform. While the Xbox has already received the Apple TV & Apple Music (available from October 12, 2022) apps, Windows users will also be able to install them from the Microsoft Store starting in 2023.

The Apple TV app

I still don’t have specific dates for the Windows availability of Apple’s Music and TV apps, but the first half of next year is my best guess as of now. You can already access Apple Music and Apple TV from their official URLs, but the Apple Music website is somewhat buggy and the Apple TV website only lets you access the Apple Original Shows & Movies.

With the native availability of the apps, I’m expecting a better Apple Music experience with Dolby Atmos on supported devices alongside Lossless audio. On the Apple TV side, you’ll be able to access Apple TV+ content, Rent Movies, Watch Sports, and even access partner content from the “Channels” section. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support may also arrive on supported devices.

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iCloud Photos integration in the Windows 11 “Photos” app

While the iCloud app for Windows already allows users to browse through their (backed-up) iPhone photos right from File Explorer, Microsoft wants to make this experience even better by directly integrating iCloud Photos into the “Photos” app for Windows 11.

iCloud Photos integrated into the Windows 11 Photos app

This allows users to browse through their iPhone/iPad photos directly on their Windows PC without syncing them offline or needing to open them first using “Photos” or a different app. This is definitely more practical as it makes finding specific photos easier, and doesn’t fill up your computer’s internal storage in the process.

The iCloud integration in the “Photos” app is available to Windows Insiders now and will start rolling out to the public in November of 2022.

Source: Windows Blog

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