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Apple May Launch A Foldable iPad and Foldable Mac by 2024

An Apple foldable device has been rumored for quite some time now and instead of making a folding iPhone, the company seems to be leaning towards a foldable iPad and a foldable Mac instead. A new report suggests that an iPad and a Macbook with folding displays may arrive as soon as 2024.

Foldable iPad

Samsung to supply Foldable Displays to Apple – Foldables can arrive in 2024

The Korean website TheElec reported, that Samsung sat down in the third week of October to discuss the folding smartphone strategy with its suppliers and also shared their expectations for Apple to enter the foldable market in 2024. However, the California giant will likely start with Notebooks and Tablets instead of jumping into the smartphone bandwagon.

This also indicates that Samsung will be the one supplying foldable OLED displays to Apple which is no surprise considering they already supply OLED displays for the iPhone. The Korean company currently makes the best foldable displays for mobile devices and these are doing wonders in terms of both quality and durability.  It only makes sense that Apple would want to use that same great technology, but wait until it has become more reliable.

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Foldable iPad and Mac – What to expect?

As Apple likes to take its time to fine-tune new technology to near perfection before releasing them to the public,  we can expect their upcoming foldable devices to be a class above the currently available foldable range from the competition. While the Galaxy Z Fold series is essentially a smartphone-tablet hybrid, the foldable iPad should be able to function as a full-time tablet, but with a much bigger display when unfolded.

Similarly, if the company makes a Macbook with a foldable display, it should be sleeker and more practical compared to the Windows-powered foldable devices from ASUS and Lenovo that were announced recently. Unless Intel and/or AMD figure out a way to deliver more performance per wattage, you can also expect the foldable Mac to outperform the windows competition in performance and power efficiency.

Last but not the least, the software experience in current foldable devices still has a long way to go before reaching mainstream usability. Apple has always focused on making its software experience enjoyable, useful, and a class above its competition (take the Dynamic Island for example). So, we can indeed expect these upcoming foldable iPads and Macbooks to have a better software experience out of the box as well.

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