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Apple May Launch 16″ MacBook Pro at Special Event in October: Check Out Probable Specs

With the September event done, Apple announced the launch of their iPhone 11 and even the Apple Arcade for various devices. While you might think that it was it for the releases, you are completely mistaken. The tech mogul is all set to bring forth better changes to their Macs and that is something which will be hosted around in the upcoming October event that everyone has been looking forward to.

Macbook Pro 16 inch concept
MacBook Pro Concept by Viktor Kádár

The users from all across the world and even the tech experts are expecting the brand to unveil some of the best Macs and even other devices including iPad Pro in the October event which is going to be held soon.

Dates and timings

Coming round to the October events, we know that the brand has been doing one even year since the year of 2011, except for 2015 and 2017. Majority of the times, the October event held by Apple focuses on highlighting the new MacBook models and the upgrades that they are going to get integrated with.

Given that the September event didn’t have any kind of mention of the MacBooks and the other expected device, it is safe to say that the same could be talked more about in the October event. Even though there has been no specific date or time, the tentative date is being expected to be October 22, 24, 29 or 31.  We are still not sure yet about the exact dates and timings for the events.

A little about the 16” MacBook Pro

Apple finds its highlights with the MacBooks and the 16” MacBook Pro is one of those devices that every single user has been looking forward to. It is believed to have much thinner bezels which is expected to stretch out the display to 16” which is something that the users have been looking forward to. If that is the case, this is going to be the largest display in the MacBooks till date following phasing out of the 17” model.

macbook pro concept white
MacBook Pro Concept by Viktor Kádár

The butterfly keyboard might make an exit and be replaced with the scissor-switch keyboard which is yet another thing that the people have been looking forward towards. This custom designed keyboard from Apple is expected to have durable layers along with light emitting elements. This will enhance the durability but also help make it a thinner variant.

But, nothing is set in stone yet. There are chances that we might just get a refined version of the existing butterfly keyboard. The device is also going to be powered by the Intel’s 9th-generation Coffee Lake-H Refresh chips. The device is also expected to have SSD storage configurable up to 4TB along with GDDR6 graphics processor.

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These are all the basic specifications that people have estimated and judged around from the news fluttering around. We are soon expecting Apple to announce the October event officially for better clarity.

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