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Apple MacBook Pro (Previous Model) is $150 OFF After New Launch

apple macbook pro 13-inch deal $150 OFF

For the individuals who have been meaning to buy an Apple MacBook Pro, now is the right time as the previous model of the device is now available for $150 less than the original price after the launch of the new MacBook Pro with its own silicon chipset.

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This lightweight and universal device is hands down one of the best options in the market, even with the considerably higher price point. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is nothing but a portable powerhouse that weighs 3.1 lbs and is 15.6mm in thickness, further justifying why it is such a loved option.

The device is also equipped with up to 10th Gen. Quad Core processors with 80% improved performance unlike anything else. This Apple laptop is also equipped with up to 32GB RAM and up to 4TB SSD for faster storage.

The magic keyboard is likely the winning streak in this laptop featuring a refined scissor mechanism with 1mm key travel for a comfortable typing experience unlike anything else. It also ensures a quick and quiet typing experience.

The dedicated Escape key in the device allows the users to switch between the modes and views, as per their needs and requirements. The inverted-T arrow keys allow easier navigation through game and spreadsheet with ease and comfort.

The touchbar in the MacBook Pro also features all the necessary shortcuts that you need for a comfortable user experience without any stoppage. Additionally, the Touch ID allows the users to experience a secure and prompt login without any hassle at all.

The 13” display is easy on the eyes and doesn’t affect them even when you are working for hours at end. It features 500 nits brightness with 25% more sRGB color scheme for prompt color representation and the True Tone technology for easier user experience. In case you are worried about the audio, the wide stereo sound takes care of that.

Aside from the latest processors, the device is also equipped with all the latest connectivity options for seamless user experience without any interruptions. The Thunderbolt 3 enables better and wider bandwidth to work with, making this an universal port for seamless performance.

The device also features up to 4 ports that allows you to charge, transfer and output data as needed on your MacBook Pro. The device also supports one 6K, one 5K and up to two 4K displays.

Not just the connectivity ports, even the wireless connectivity options on this are pretty amazing. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking allows users to have a field day with enhanced performance with all-day productivity.

New MacBook Pro

Apple new macbook pro with m1

With all the talks about the previous model of the MacBook Pro, it was needed we mentioned about the latest MacBook Pro from Apple featuring the new M1 Mac processors.

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The new arm-based silicone chipset from Apple is named as the M1 chipset, which is going to be available in the new MacBook Air, a new 13-inch MacBook Pro along with the new Mac mini.

The new chipset is expected to have a battery life that is unexpected by the users till date. Apple claims 18 hours of video playback on the MacBook Air and up to 20 hours in the MacBook Pro variants.

Apple new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1

While Apple has seized the sale of the Intel version of MacBook Air, the same of the MacBook Pro is available for purchase still now but at a reduced price. The only significant difference to the MacBook Pro is that it features a fan for better thermal management.

The MacBook Pro with the new Apple chipset is a beginner level device, so it is not a surprise that they have capped at 16GB RAM and two Thunderbolt ports. It is likely that the future Apple chipsets will be able to support more.

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The new M1 chip also comes with an integrated GPU, which is expected to produce sub-par graphics but it is still a question at this point. But, the overall transition completely to the Apple-based chipset is likely going to take over 2 years, if the estimations are correct.

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