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Apple MacBook Pro 2018 Review

For Apple, innovation stands for evolution; this couldn’t seem truer in the year 2018. Although, it’s noticeable that the company didn’t add any ground-breaking products to its line, however, their existing portfolio seems to be improving in vast measures.

If you’re looking for the latest MacBook Pro, you will notice that Apple has kept its focus on the important things such as speed. They’ve now incorporated the latest of Intel’s processors – Kay Lake type generation, and also focusing on the longevity of its battery life, making the user more mobile and not have any ‘strings attached’. The beautiful displays are also an area that Apple seems to master in and the newest line of MacBook Pros have sleek designs, that would tempt a potential consumer to upgrade – and what’s best, it won’t disappoint.

Pros Cons
Sleek and contemporarily designed with aluminum build It can be relatively high priced
Great display Most 4K displays by contenders can be bought for less
4 x USB C-type ports / Thunderbolt 3 Adapters will be needed for legacy peripherals
Fifteen-hour battery life Shallow keyboard

A Beautiful Sleek Design

The MacBook Pro’s sleek aluminum exterior is here to stay, now this version looks every sharper with the Space Gray hue (the unit can also be purchased in Silver), and it measures 0.61” in height x 12.75” in width x 9.48” in depth and only weighs an astonishing 4.02lbs. This makes the MacBook Pro a very mobile, though it is a high-end laptop. This is one of the pioneers of its kind that was made by Apple.

Large Track Pads

This is a salient feature in the MacBook Pro laptops and measures 7.2″ diagonally. Now, the user will not feel cramped as they gesture commands and have free, unconstricted movements. There is also good palm rejection with such a large area. This allows the user to click and hold the trackpad for additional features. With this new addition, breezing through the applications and files would be much easier with the launch of the new operating system.


One noticeable feature of the MacBook Pro is that is has a shallow keypad. This can be a disadvantage to some users who don’t like that there is very little key travel, and it would be as if there is no feedback to your presses. It might look like you’re pressing on a very hard and flat surface.

The Touch Bar

The Touch Bar is the long, slim touch-enabled panel on the top of the keyboard that was first seen in the 2016 range of MacBooks. This measures about ten inches across and also serve as a replacement for the function key buttons, and also allows many shortcuts for software features. This also integrates as the TouchID sensor for security and log in.

Apple MacBook Pro design

This helps with increasing and decreasing the brightness, volume control, and also allows you to mute the sounds as well. The advantage of this also extends to when photos are being viewed on the machine; it will automatically prompt you for options like sharing, cropping and rotating. If you are using the QuickTime to view videos, you can use your finger to scrub across the bar which is a futuristic feature of this laptop.

Other context-based commands you can use with the assistance of the touch bar is a selecting the text using the trackpad. With the use physical keyboard, this will be prompted on the Touch Bar to be used as well.

The Screen

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best features of the MacBook Pro. IPS Retina Display produces vibrant, crisp, and bright pictures. The supports the P3 wide color, and also other scales resolutions of 1024 x 640 or 920 by 1080, this way the user can select if they want the text to appear larger.

For photo editors, the accuracy of color, as well as the gamut coverage, is of great importance. For creative users, they might find the glare to be a slight distraction.


The speakers of the MacBook Pro are located at either side of the keyboard and are efficient to fill a small room with enough sound, but will be lacking in the bass quality.


The four ports are located on either side. Each port is a USB type C that comes with Thunderbolt 3. Thanks to the Thunderbolt 3 it offers data-transferring up to 40Gbps. You can even use it for Display Port and charging. The other type of port is for the headset located on the right side.

As there are no standard USB ports, an adapter will be required especially for HDMI monitors or other types of traditional peripherals. This is one of the reasons that the laptop is able to retain its sleek design.


The laptop comes with a speedy 512GB SSD card, while the other small laptops will have a 256GB. They can both be configured to 2TB SSD.

Other Features

There is a 720-pixel front-facing camera. Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.2.


Typically warranty is offered for one year and 90 days for technical support.


If you’re in the market to purchase a laptop and a MacBook Pro to be specific, you have more than enough reasons to do so. However, you will note that upgrading space could be costly and that you aren’t able to plug in traditional peripherals. These fast, large-screen laptops amongst contenders can be rather bulky and heavy, however, this unique machine is able to transform into a lightweight machine that is ideal for mobility and can be transported with ease.

We see that the changes to the MacBook Pro aren’t as tremendous; however, there are areas in which we see improvement such as the battery life and speed owing to Kay Lake processors. For aesthetic reasons, you have all the reasons to upgrade to this stunning machine. At present, it’s no secret that this is one of the best large-screen laptops in the market so if you’re an Apple enthusiastic, this is ideal.

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