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Apple MacBook Air M1 is just $849 in Black Friday Deal

macbook air m1 black friday 2021 deal Acquiring a MacBook continues to be the stuff of dreams for many buyers, especially those who covet scintillating audio-visuals and stellar performance for multimedia pursuits.

$849.99 AT AMAZON

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021, Apple is running a significant discount on the Apple MacBook Air M1 – it can be yours for just $849.

It presents an opportunity you cannot miss to lay your hands on this lightweight (2.8lbs) but powerful Mac. Herein, you will find the classic charms of an Apple device: unbeatable performance, reliable security, and great style.

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Performance Wins with Apple MacBook Air M1

This 13” laptop has an Apple M1 Chip at its core, with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. You can upgrade to up to 2TB based on your storage requirements. Working on macOS continues to be an immersive experience, suitable for both work and entertainment.

Yes, you can also enjoy gaming on this machine. Thanks to the advanced neural engine, the performance is brilliant, with higher CPU and GPU speeds than you may have been used to. The fan-less heat dissipation keeps things sustainable amid intensive activities like working on multiple spreadsheets or editing high-res content for design endeavors.

apple macbook air with apple m1 chip

An especially noteworthy performance win here is the smooth compatibility with iPhone and iPad. If you have other Apple devices, you can expect a seamless work experience. Accessing your application/data from Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Drive is a breeze.

Microsoft 365 is also available at your fingertips. It puts to rest any fears former Mac users may have had about switching from another family of laptops.

Display & Design

The sparkling Retina display is a beautiful highlight of this laptop, offering a P3 wide color gamut and superior text clarity. The use of True Tone technology ensures that the colors get rendered accurately and in line with your natural environment. It adjusts the white point of the screen to the ambient color temperature.

Design-wise, the magic keyboard stands out with its backlit keys and inbuilt shortcuts. The latter simplifies access to multiple things like changing the keyboard language and turning on Siri.

Apple new macbook air powered by m1
Apple new macbook air powered by m1

This MacBook Air uses a scissor mechanism for the keyboard. While opinions vary on its ergonomics, you might experience comfier typing on this one. Moreover, the use of Touch ID lends an additional layer of security to your work environment.

This stunning gold device is slim, measuring 0.16–0.63”. Combined with its lightweight build, the sleek profile helps make this laptop quite a traveler.

In tune with the need of the hour, this MacBook Air is built with eco-friendly material. The use of 100% recycled aluminum lets you minimize your carbon footprint.

A host of connections on this MacBook Air

Apple has provided a range of connections to keep you attuned to the world and in proximity with all your documents, multimedia files, etc.

Two Thunderbolt 4 ports allow you to connect to an external display (up to 6K), charge rapidly, and transfer data at breathtaking speeds. You can also enjoy smooth internet connectivity with Wi-Fi 6. Mac’s nifty little assistant – Siri – is available to attend to your day-to-day queries on the go.

For users who will use this laptop for business, the FaceTime HD camera will come in handy. A three-microphone array improves the sound quality to let you focus on the conversations, minus external interference.

In what is a mega triumph for Apple, this MacBook runs unplugged for up to 18 hours. The long-lasting battery helps you work from anywhere without scouting for a power source first.

Warranty and damage coverage on Apple MacBook Air M1

Apple provides a one-year limited warranty to ease your mind while working on the go. You can also avail of 90 days of technical support. If you are the sort who constantly worry about accidental damage – and quite rightly, in these turbulent times – AppleCare+ extends your coverage.

This November, many top manufacturers are lining up splendid deals and discounts on their bestselling products. Apple, too, will probably run a spate of eye-catching offers on its much-favored Mac laptops.

The MacBook Air M1 is an all-rounder machine, ideal for many activities from business to multimedia, traveling to daily tasks at the workplace. It packs features like all-day unplugged usage, a satisfying color spectrum, and an intuitive keyboard.

The MacBook Air is one of the most cost-effective lines under the brand umbrella. It just became more so with the significant Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. The upshot is that if you have been meaning to switch to a Mac, now is your chance.

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