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Apple Introducing MacBook Pro Powered by M1

Apple new macbook pro with m1

Apple announces the very first look and feel into their Macbook Pro with own chip M1. These custom arm-based chipsets announced at the One More Thing event are expected to provide the users with the best user-experience and improved performance with reduced power consumption.

The new launch further assures that the Apple computers will now support the native iOS apps with the A-series mobile and tablet chips. The chipset is going to feature the 64-bit architecture.

The launch of these new silicon-powered chipset in the Macbook Pro was announced in an event last year in June where Apple clarified that the launch is likely going to take place by the end of the year.

The “One More Thing” event, named after the catchphrase used by Steve Jobs, the company believes that this event and the salient launch is going to be engraved in history. The brand also expects that the launch of this new chipset becomes worth the wait.

MacBook Pro 13-inch

While Apple has currently promised the launch of just one silicon-powered MacBook, the company is further going to add to the list in the days to come. The brand previously announced the launch of the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in today’s event.

Apple new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1
Apple new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1

Aside from these, the brand is also in the works of developing the 16-inch variant of both the MacBook Air and Pro featuring its own silicon-powered M1 chipset.

Apple new macbook air powered by m1
Apple new macbook air powered by m1

Even though the processors are currently the one change to the chipset, the users won’t get any ground shattering changes to the internal architecture of the laptop.

Apple new 13-inch MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro features the M1 chip. Apple has also provided the developers with the Mac mini developer transition kit for easier work and transition. Expectations are that the brand is further going to have a similar approach to the M1 chipset.

Apple new m1 chip

Aside from the MacBook Pro, Apple is likely going to introduce the portable Mac as well. The brand is also set to launch the latest iMac with the Pro display XDR- design. The slim bezels and reduced chin are going to be some of the changes that you can expect in this device.

Apple did introduce an updated version of the Mac recently with better storage and memory but the new iMac is going to set apart from the previous versions. The latest reports suggest that the launch is likely going to be in early months of 2021..

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