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Apple Beats Fit Pro Spotted on FCCID

With the world switching to the wireless technologies, the growth of TWS earbuds have skyrocketed in the past two years. While Apple was the front-runner with the Airpods, the brand is all set to branch out with more designs and technologies – the Apple Beats Fit Pro being one of them.

Apple recently launched a host of new devices and products at their “Unleased” October event, including the new MacBook Pro, AirPods 3, HomePod mini, etc. in multiple color options too. Besides products, Apple also announced the release of their new service, the Siri-based plan for the Apple music users.

However, with a little snooping, we found a new registered device by Apple on FCCID – the Apple Beats Fit Pro.

apple beats fit pro a2576 a2577 label-1

apple beats fit pro a2576 a2577 label-2

If you have seen or used the Beats Studio Buds, these upcoming Apple earbuds are going to mimic a lot of its features and design. Rumors suggest that the upcoming Apple Beats Fit Pro is expected to feature noise cancellation features and will be powered by the H1 chip for superior pairing and immaculate connectivity options.

apple beats fit pro spotted on fccid

The device popped up on FCCID and was registered by Apple Inc. on October 12, 2021. The registration also features a label design that gives a basic rundown of how the earbuds are going to be designed. And, it is an in-ear design for compact, lightweight and comfortable fit inside the ears.

Further reports about the design of these earbuds suggest that the charging case is a lot inspired by the Powerbeats Pro case.

Besides the design, the functionalities of the new Apple Beats Fit Pro won’t be disappointing too. It is expected to provide the users with 6-hours of constant battery life with the Transparency Mode or active noise cancellation turned on. It can run for 7-hours on adaptive EQ.

Paired with the charging case, these earbuds from Apple will easily last for up to 30 hours on a single charge, which is pretty amazing. The device is also integrated with a built-in accelerometer along with class-I Bluetooth for prompt connectivity.

Apple wants their upcoming Beats Fit Pro to be a versatile device that both iPhone and Android users can seamlessly connect and use. So, it isn’t surprising that the brand is working towards making them more compatible with Android-devices too. The integrated Beats app will enable quicker connectivity, faster pairing and other customization features for immaculate user experience.

Although nothing has been officially announced yet, speculations suggest that the upcoming Apple Beats Fit Pro will be announced on November 01, 2021. The availability will be within the next few days after the launch. Also, these earbuds are expected to be released in four colors, including the black, white, gray and purple.

Apple Beats Fit Pro White Apple Beats Fit Pro Black Apple Beats Fit Pro Gray Apple Beats Fit Pro Purple

There are no reports about the price range of these earbuds yet from Apple. So, we’d have to wait for the official release for that.

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