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Apple Announces the October 18th Event – Leaves Users with Anticipation

Apple has finally announced the October 18th event, following months of speculations about the upcoming launch of a new MacBook and other devices.

apple october 18th event 2021

It is not long ago that Apple conducted their iPhone 13 launch event, introducing different variants of the new iPhone along with a host of other new devices, including iPad Mini and even a new Apple watch design and configuration.

The new hardware event from Apple has been officially announced to be on October 18, 2021. The invites have been sent out to varying tech leaders, users and attendees. The company’s second fall event is expected to witness the launch of a new range of MacBooks, new and redefined Mac Mini along with the newer third-generation AirPods.

The invite video from Apple probes on one word, “Unleashed”, which has left the audience speculating as to what they can expect from this official launch.

While users are scrounging for more information, a tweet from Greg Joswiak, who is Apple’s marketing executive highlighted a dotted font that could indicate the launch of a redesigned higher end mini–Mac Mini with the mini-LED tech. However, all of these are speculations and won’t be confirmed until the official event is done with.

The event will be streamed live on Apple.com at 1PM ET / 10AM PT for the world to witness the launch of new devices and elements from the brand.

With the floating rumors of Apple finally coming out with two variants of the MacBook Pro models, including the 14- and 16-inch variants, we’d have to wait to see if the same happens during this event or not. These new MacBooks will mark the final transition of Apple from the Intel chip series and replacing them with the in-house Arm-based processor, the M1X chipset.

The new chipset, the M1X is expected to be better than the previously launched M1 chipset and boost performance with ten cores as compared to eight cores that the M1 chipset has. Even the graphics cores are improved in the newer processors with 16 or 32 cores.

Besides the upgrade to the processor, users can also expect a few other changes to their future MacBooks. They are set to bring back the much-anticipated magnetic MagSafe charging, HDMI port and an SD card slot for superior multipurpose usage.

Rumors also suggest that the new M1X chip is also going to be integrated in the higher-end Mac Mini that the users are awaiting the launch of. Compared to the M1 model, the redesigned version is expected to feature a host of new ports, including Thunderbolt 4, USB Type-C and Type-A ports too.

Lastly, the users can expect a possible launch of a new pair of Airpods, representing the third-generation choice in the TWS range from Apple. Although there are reports that the upcoming Airpods will mold the design like the Airpods Pro, there are going to be some differences with shorter stems and a totally redesigned charging case.

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