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Apple’s Large 15.5-inch Macbook Air May Launch In 2023

We recently learned about an OLED Macbook Air which is likely to be launched in 2024. But before that, the company might finally launch a larger 15.5-inch Macbook Air. According to the display analyst and leaker Ross Young, Apple may launch the bigger Macbook Air next year.

15.5-inch macbook air

Bigger 15.5-inch Macbook Air Coming In 2023

According to a Tweet Ross Young shared with his super followers on Twitter, the panel production for the 15.5-inch Macbook Air, will start in the first quarter of 2023. The final product itself can come out as soon as spring of next year as well.

We have been hearing about an Air with a bigger display for a while now, but previously it was expected to be somewhere between the 14 to 15-inch size range. However, now it seems like the company is going for an even larger 15.5-inch display.  This one is expected to be an IPS display just like the current Air, so don’t expect Mini-LED or OLED.

Also, as this device is expected to arrive in 2023, I expect it to be powered by the M2 chip (maybe even M2 Pro if there’s a Fan inside), and not the M3 as that will possibly arrive later in 2024. If the pricing strategy stays the same as the current M2 devices, we can expect the upcoming 14″ and 16″ Macbook Pro models (M2 Pro and M2 Max) to get a price bump, and the 15.5-inch Air should sit between the 13.6-inch Air and the upcoming 14-inch Macbook Pro.

Source: Twitter | Via: MacRumors

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