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Anticipation Builds Around Apple’s Foldable iPhone: New Rumors, Concept Art, Release Dates

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Once upon a time, there was a phone that flipped. Then the popularity of expandable phones found its way into the dustbin of history. But, as with many forms of fashion and outworn trends, they circle back. And that phone which once flipped now folds.

Foldable phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold phones have been generating a lot of positivity from reviewers, and the world’s eye now narrows in on Apple’s reaction. Recently, more discussion has surfaced surrounding how the world’s leading and most creative tech brand will respond to the success of foldable phones. And there has even been fascinating new concept art that shows what the folding iPhone of the future might look like.

With the iPhone 13 launch anticipated for this fall, the campfire stories about the foldable phone are far from the sole Apple gossip. But it’s never too soon to sneak a glimpse into the future, so below is the latest regarding Apple’s move into foldable tech.

Release Date: When Can We Expect to See a Foldable iPhone?

As stated earlier, the iPhone 13 is slated to launch early this fall, and in 2022 the iPhone 14 will most likely see its release as well. This is why many reports say that at an earliest estimate, the foldable iPhone will come in late 2022; and others, like Ming-Chi Kuo of MacRumors, say that more realistic expectations point towards a 2023 launch.

Kuo says that consumers will be lucky to see a 2023 launch, as Apple is facing production and technology hiccups that are delaying their desired time of launch.

Bloomberg tech expert, Mark Gurman, also foresees a launch that will take a minimum of two to three years.

Design: How Will Apple’s Foldable iPhone Look?

According to a Bloomberg report earlier this year, Apple had already initiated the work of researching and theorizing a foldable phone. While the report confirmed Apple’s desire to launch a folding phone, the report also said that Apple had yet to come up with any strict launch plans.

But both Bloomberg and Kuo claim that if Apple is to go ahead with the launch, it would be in a traditional style folding display—and would have a screen of around 7.5-8.0 inches. The phone would also be without hinges and instead, would have one continuous display.

Finally, the YouTube page ConceptsiPhone recently released a video containing concept art that showed what the phone might eventually look like. The video included a palette of potential colors, as well as display features and details for both the front and back.

Setbacks: Why Aren’t There Plans to Launch the Folding iPhone Sooner?

Many are saying that Apple is trying hard to eliminate the one flaw that accompanies each folding phone currently available for purchase—the crease. Apple’s glass provider, Corning, is likely testing products right now to help a company known to be hellbent on perfection get as close to it before they let any official cat out of the bag.

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