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AMD Zen 4 Chipset Rumored to come with 40% Enhanced Performance That It’s Predecessor

With the Zen 4 chipset ready to be launched, it is rumored that the new chipset is likely going to feature over 40% enhanced performance than its previous generation CPUs.

Currently code-named as Zen 4, AMD’s next generation CPU architecture for Ryzen and EPYC CPUs is likely going to witness an overall performance gain over the current available processors.

Further reports from the tech blog, ChipsandCheese suggest that the upcoming new chipset will likely experience an overall IPS boost by 25% and then experience an enhanced performance rate by 40% boost over the existing Zen 3 processor.

amd zen 4 performance gain
Source: AMD

According to the reports mentioned in the tech blog, it suggests that the upcoming Genoa engineering samples are going to come with 29% boosted performance rate compared to the existing Milan processors.

The launch of the AMD Zen 4 chipset is expected to come around in 2022 and will be fabricated on the TSMC’s 5nm process node. Further rumors surrounding the launch suggest that the processor will further feature up to 5GHz boosted performance rate with enhanced CPU and GPU productivity.

AMD 4th Gen. Ryzen 5nm GENDA CPUs roadmap

While the tech geeks and enthusiasts have known about the current development of the AMD processors, there are chances that the rumors about the performance of the chipset further unfurls a few different factors about the processor that not many people knew of.

The increased 40% performance of the chipset will likely be fitted into a smaller transistor. This signals that the smaller the size of the transistor, the better and more powerful processor. While the Zen 2 processors did come in the 7nm size in 2021, things are looking up even better with the 5nm process in the upcoming one.

AMD Ryzen 5nm CPU and GPU roadmap

These are some of the preliminary data that have been mentioned in the tech blog but that is not all. Further updates from AMD will likely reveal more about the chipset and why it is going to change the overall laptop performance like no other in 2022.

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