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AMD Ryzen Zen 4 5nm CPUs Will Launch In 2022

AMD has been very persistent with their releases and has time and time ensures to get out the best results from their end for their users. Amidst all the turmoil going around in the world, the company finally revealed the confirmed launch of the Zen 4 5nm by 2022 according to the timeline that they have inclined towards.

According to the report charts shared by AMD as shown below, the same showed the confirmed timeline of the Zen 4 5nm launch by 2022, leaving the potential users in a state of excitement.

AMD 4th Gen. Ryzen 5nm GENDA CPUs roadmap

Having a roadmap for the gradual development and possible release is something that experts have time and time commended AMD for. The release of their chips and their probable implementation is one of the most important things that every single individual is looking forward to.

AMD has always been good at teasing their users with the least information till the official release date. The same happened at the Financial Analyst Day at AMD and they divulged very little details about the upcoming Zen 4 5nm chip.

The only thing that was hinted at was the fact that this GPU is expected to optimize the architecture of the devices possibly with its high performance computing and AI implementation, to say the least. They also ensured to not let their focus divert from RDNA2 for HPC.

AMD Ryzen 5nm CPU and GPU roadmap

Lisa Su, who is the CEO of AMD shared some insights surrounding the development process that has been going around in the company during this time.

Lisa Su has also stated saying that it is not just her who is excited about the future launches for the company but every single employee is equally excited for the same.

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Addressing everything, Lisa Su showed her gratitude for the company’s growth stating that she is proud that AMD has managed to impose more influence on the industry with better availability of the resources. With the kind of competition that they did experience from Intel, it isn’t surprising that they have struggled with the process initially but have made a complete turnaround.

Lisa Su said that the company is now committed to enhancing the high computing experience for the users without any compromise. Aside from the kind of pride the Su takes in her company and the achievements that they have acquired, she doesn’t fail to mention that no other company is doing it like they are.

It is true that the user base still has to wait for the launch of Zen 3 architecture first following which the Zen 4 will be released but it looks like that AMD has their roadmap drawn and are going to follow it. The Zen 3 is expected to be launched by the end of this year, which makes sense for the company to launch the Zen 4 5nm by 2022.

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