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AMD Prepares MERO APU for MacBook and Surface

AMD is working on yet another one of the customizable APU chip named Mero that is expected to dethrone Intel and NVIDIA in System on Chip facility. The inspiration behind the name of this chip was drawn from a famous painter of the 1990s named Lee Mero and hence the name.

All thanks to AMD this year around, the APU puzzles are coming along better than before despite the commotion and confusion that arose last year into putting the limited leaks into better understanding of things.

AMD has also confirmed the capacity of the Radeon RDNA 2 graphics architecture’s having the ability to run Ray Tracing with the aid of hardware acceleration. The same was facilitated with the process through a novel patented technology known as the “texture processed based” real time Ray tracing rendering.

AMD GPU roadmap RDNA 2 NAVI 2X

The one question that has been bugging people since the announcement is the correlation between RDNA 2.0 with the Mero APU and how it is making waves through the internet even with the limited amount of information that is available.

One of the experts in this field, Komachi Ensaka revealed some of the specs and information surrounding the Mero APU, suggesting that the same will support ray tracing. It also has a solid confirmation affirming the correlation between the Van Gogh architecture with this one as well. The fact that Apple does want to catch up with the gaming laptops in the market with customizable APUs, it is likely that Mero could be the one that they have been working under the wraps for.

Mero and the Van Gogh APUs
Credit: KOMACHI_ENSAKA Twitter

Another confusion that surfaces surrounding this is the probable usage of Mero for both desktops or laptops. Since both Mero and the Van Gogh APUs share the similar vendor ID and device ID, it can be expected that the same will have similar graphics configuration, but nothing is set in stone yet.

amd gpu table for gfx9 gfx10
Credit: KOMACHI_ENSAKA Twitter

Although these APUs are twice smaller in comparison to the Arden APUs which come with 54 compute units, the credibility of either of them have not been compromised at all. The reason why AMD is simultaneously working on two different APUs is because the same is expected to be used for both the PC and laptop ecosystem.

AMD is likely preparing the Mero APU with the powerful next gen Navi2x iGPU that is expected to help the gamers experience the ray tracing feature a lot better. But, amidst all the rave, it is important to know that Mero is expected to be launched in 2022, especially because the company doesn’t want the same to clash with the Cezanne APU launch.

This is one of the reasons why majority of the detailed leaks about the Mero APU has either been deleted from Twitter or very little information is left available.

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