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AMD and Microsoft Collaborate to Bring Powerful and Reliable Computing to Consumers

AMD is all geared up to offer the best user experience with Windows 11 operating system, powered by the latest AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics. Not only does it provide users with optimized performance and efficiency, the device is further programmed with a host of security features, connectivity and the latest technologies that support uninterrupted user experience.

amd and windows 11

For the gamers awaiting the official launch of the Windows 11 OS, the integrated AMD Radeon Graphics are here to deliver high-end performance and an immersive gaming experience.

Thanks to the consistent collaboration between AMD and Microsoft, the upcoming AMD devices with Windows 11 OS is expected to enhance and transform from day to day.

Saeid Moshkelani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Client Business Unit, AMD highlighted on this collaboration highlighting the years of close relationship between AMD and Microsoft. He further reiterated saying that the users who are already using AMD-powered products will get to experience the new benefits and innovations of Windows 11 with trusted features from AMD itself.

What are the expected benefits from AMD and Windows 11?

AMD Ryzen processors are integrated the latest Windows 11 OS experience, delivering optimal performance and integration designed and curated to meet the needs of the users looking for faster and responsive user experience.

amd windows 11 laptop

Some of the highlights of the AMD-powered PCs with Windows 11 include:

  • Improved battery life with enhanced video playback quality. The new operating system from Microsoft enables rendition of superior video capabilities with higher power and more efficiency.
  • Improved collaborations while working with Microsoft Teams with the new features, including integrated voice and voice chat functionalities. The prolonged battery life enables users to join meetings from anywhere without connectivity problems.
  • Backed with AMD Pro Security with the latest AMD processors, the upcoming devices are programmed with multi-layer protection for the hardware, software and system in general.

Immaculate Gameplay with enhanced Graphics Performance with Radeon Graphics

Besides the basic improvements to the features and functions, the upcoming AMD Radeon graphics is here to escalate the overall gaming experience and take it to the next level. The new AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin edition was released recently, spiking interests in the mind of the advanced gamers. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Windows 11 performance optimizations.

Some of the latest features in the AMD Radeon GPU include:

  • AMD Radeon Anti-lag
  • AMD Radeon Boost
  • Radeon Image sharpening
  • AMD FreeSync Technology

The primary purpose of the collaboration between AMD and Microsoft is to enable the gamers to experience the optimal technology and high performance with Windows 11 OS.

Nicole Dezen, CVP of Device Partner Sales, Microsoft further highlighted saying they are highly elated with the strong collaboration between the two tech giants, bringing seamless PC-user experience and stronger security features for users on the go.

The integration of the latest AMD Ryzen processors with Windows 11 is to meet the rising demands of hybrid work among the users. Besides performance, this collaboration also relays multi-layered protection, which is another benefit. So, if you are looking forward to improved gaming experiences with Windows 11, AMD-powered devices are going to make that possible in the near future.

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