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Alienware Yamato 15 and 17 Now Available on Amazon

If you have been into gaming and have kept yourself updated with the latest news around the same, you are going to be elated to know that the Alienware Yamato 15 and 17 are finally available on Amazon for purchasing. This has been a much awaited launch for the avid gamers, owing to the kind of quality and performance Alienware is known for bring forth for the users.

Alienware Yamato m15
Alienware Yamato m15

These two new models are no different and have been instilled with the upgraded features for maximum pay off like no other. With the wide screen and the immaculate display and efficient performance on both these devices, the audiences are in for a ride like they have never experienced before.

To chalk out the specifics for you, the Alienware Yamato 17 is powered by the 6-core 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H processor along with the NVIDIA RTX 2070 8GB GGDR6 MaxQ graphics processor to bring forth the originality of the visuals in front of you. The experience it provides with the 16GB DDR4 RAM along with the 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD storage further accentuates everything up by a notch.

Additionally, you also can’t go wrong with the 17.3” full high definition display with the 72% ColorGamut. It is also integrated with the Eyesafe as well as the Tobii Eyetracking technology that further boosts the overall gaming experience on this device.

The Alienware Yamato 17 is priced under $2300 on Amazon.com

Coming on to the Alienware Yamato 15, it is susceptibly the “lighter” version of the prior one. It does stand out on the kind of performance it provides the users to experience. Much like its twin, even this one is powered by the 6-core 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H processor along with the 6GB NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics processor. The combination of the 16 GB DDR4 RAM along with two 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD for storage ensures for you to have a very seamless performance on the system.

Alienware Yamato 17 AWYA17-7886BLK-PUS
Alienware Yamato 17 AWYA17-7886BLK-PUS

The only difference with this device is in the display size because this one comes with the standard 15.6” full definition display which is a tad bit smaller than the Alienware Yamato 17. Even this one is paired with the 72% Color Gamut as well as the Tobii Eyetracking technology like no other. The resolution with the 1920×1080 pixels never compromises on the kind of visuals that you will experience with this system.

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The Alienware Yamato 15 is priced under $1900 on Amazon.com

Both of these were a much awaited launch and are now finally available for purchase. It is best assured to assess and tally the features between the two before you do end up spending your coins on them.

Alienware NBK Yamato 15 AWYA15-7947BLK-PUS
Alienware NBK Yamato 15 AWYA15-7947BLK-PUS

Each one of them lives up to the name of the brand and has been redefined with better and improved features to provide the users with a much better experience in terms of the gaming control. It is everything that a gamer would need packed into one.

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