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Alienware Unleashes the Redesigned Alienware Aurora on its 25th Anniversary

If we had to talk about the success of Alienware, we have to rewind back to October 15, 1996. That was the day of the official launch of a tech and electronics brand that focused on providing users with custom, high-performance gaming computers.

alienware history of desktops 25th anniversary
Look back on some of Alienware’s biggest milestones over its rich 25-year history.

However, amidst all the launches made by Alienware till date, the Alienware Aurora is a flagship gaming desktop that ha time and time managed to stand out. Pioneered with the liquid cooling movement, this was the start to a revolution back in 2004.

Today, as Alienware hits their 25th anniversary, the brand has finally unleashed a redesigned version of the Alienware Aurora to further augment gaming experience and take it to the next level.

If you are interested in knowing more, let us break down each and every launch and achievement that Alienware has indulge in 2021.

Chapter 1

The first chapter of 2021 delves into the radical upgrades, one involving the launch of the world’s first gaming laptop with CHERRY MX. It included the launch of Alienware’s thinnest 15” and 17” laptops available to date.

new alienware aurora 2021 with legend 2_0 clear side panel
The meticulous internal cable-management makes the internal view beautiful while reducing the obstruction of internal airflow.

The new Alienware Aurora not just features a sleek design but features an open-air design that offers improved accessibility and greater airflow for optimal performance and reduced risks of rising temperature. Also, the cleaner cable management with improved acoustics contribute to a superior gaming experience.

Chapter 2

Further reiterating on the improved thermals and the acoustic flow, the redesigned Alienware Aurora is a game-changer. The inclusion of a robust thermal design features 120mm fans and a liquid cooling options paired with the open-air design for optimal productivity without any lags and delays in the process.

new alienware aurora 2021 with legend 2.0 airflow
Every Alienware Aurora configuration ships standard with two 120mm fans installed (one front intake and one rear exhaust), while higher-performance configurations may also ship with a third and/or fourth 120mm fan(s) pre-installed (serving as a second front intake and top exhaust fan, respectively).

The air inflow is passed through the honeycomb-shaped airways from the front of the desktop. The cold air is then passed through the motherboard and the associated performance components in question. Also, the new Aurora is 16% quieter, 9% quieter during the CPU intensive tasks and around 15% quieter during overclocking.

Chapter 3

Moving ahead to the next chapter in the equation, we move on to the design of the new Alienware Aurora. The inside-out design features expressive curves and a flexible 360-degree design that makes this desktop stand out from its competitors. It is available in two color options – Lunar Light and Dark Side of the moon.

new alienware aurora 2021 with legend 2.0
Today, innovation continues to drive its most evolved form: introducing the redesigned Alienware Aurora, the pinnacle of Alienware desktop experiences.

This is the first time that the Alienware Aurora is designed with a transparent left side panel to look into the illuminated beauty of the insides of the gaming desktop.

new alienware aurora 2021 with legend 2_0 rear cable cover
A new optional, magnetic, cable cover that neatly stows cables and conceals ports on the rear side. (Fun fact: we designed this with esports in mind, as athletes’ systems are often viewed from the back during broadcasts.)

The new chassis is not just durable but features a lightweight design with optimal cable management system to mechanically and thermally isolate the wires from the problem areas.

One crucial attribute to the design of the new Alienware Aurora lies in the construction. The device is designed in a way so it resembles the same from every side.

new alienware aurora with legend 2.0

The celebrations for Alienware’s 25th year legacy have just begun. The brand has a lot more in store before this year wraps up. And, if the same is as exciting and the new Alienware Aurora, we can’t emphasise how many more things are going to be available soon.

Source: Alienware

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