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Acer Swift 5 Pro Overview – The Featherweight Champion

Swiftness in action, power of a beast – this is Acer Swift 5 Pro Laptop for you. One of the lightest laptops around, don’t mistake its sleek design come into its way of handling voluminous tasks! This laptop is ideal for work, play and entertainment and comes at amazingly budget price too!

Acer Swift 5 Pro Overview – The Featherweight Champion

Acer Swift 5 Pro – Processor

8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor offers tremendous support to this laptop capable of taking daily challenges with unmatched ease. When you are done working, stay tuned with this beast for your fun and entertainment needs – it surely won’t disappoint! This laptop has multitasking abilities not available around at such small price.

Processor Acer Swift 5 Pro

Graphics Processor

Intel UHD Graphics 620 card of shared type offers crisp visual output that is sure to leave the user spell-bound with its eye-friendliness quotient. The laptop works awesome for all graphics-intensive applications and runs them with unwavering seamlessness.


The display is truly eye-catching. It is touch-screen type powered with IPS technology that enables comfortable sharing of content. Touch-screen feature offers better control and makes user experience one of its kind. Acer Color Intelligence adds to the brilliance the way this display optimizes the colors and contrast according to the content.


Keyboard Acer Swift 5 Pro

Ergonomic keyboard makes working on this laptop extra easier. The minimum travel-time, easy push feature and child-proof keys make this keyboard the true companion for a speedy worker like you.


This laptop is studded with ports such as 1x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type C, 1x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.1 Gen1 that help bring all the latest peripherals to work for amazing user experience. The user can have advantage of microphones, Bluetooth speakers, external storage, extra monitor etc. and lot more with these ports located strategically on the sides of the keyboard. Wi-Fi slot enabled with 802.11ac connectivity standard allows downloading from internet faster and interruption-free.

RAM and Storage

8GB RAM and 512GB SSD makes it possible for the user to have everything stored in the laptop and the machine does not show any kind of stress. Faster data downloading per unit of power consumed certainly adds to the convenience. The system is more available for the user as there are minimal instances of reboot.

External Cover

The magnesium-lithium cover is drop-proof and offers this laptop a feather-weight body. The security of access is provided in the form of Windows Hello that recognizes the voice of the user and allows authorized logins to the machine only.

Operating System

This laptop owes its multitasking abilities not only to sturdy processors but also to Windows 10 the operating system. This OS stands is designed especially for multitasking freaks and come with features like virtual assistant, and many more.


Design Acer Swift 5 Pro

Acer Swift 5 Pro is the performance specialist with sleek looks – a combination not so easy to find at price below $1200. This laptop is portability perfect as well as picture perfect and is nice upgradation to those hefty notebooks that are good to be signed off as the desktops. It is certainly worth considering for purchase.

Specs of Acer Swift 5 Pro
Processor 8th Gen. Intel Core i7
Graphics Integrated Intel Graphics
RAM Up to 16GB (Expected)
Storage Up to 512GB SSD (Expected)
Display 14” or 15” FHD IPS Touch

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