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Acer Swift 3 SF313-53-78UG Ultra-Thin Laptop Review

acer swift 3 sf313-53-78ug

While Acer launched their portable 13” Swift 3 variant just a few months back featuring the Intel IceLake chipset, Acer further decided to upgrade the existing mode with the new Acer Swift 3 SF313-53-78UG.

The new device not just features the new Tiger lake processors, it is also integrated with an improved thermal design to prevent overheating for optimal performance. Are these new upgrades enough for this device to become a device suited for every day usage? Well, this review touches base with all the necessary input you need to know before buying the Acer Swift 3 SF313-53-78UG.

Design and Build

When reviewing any laptop, the first factor of consideration is the construction of the device. To be fair, the overall design and aesthetics of the device is a lot similar to the previously launched version, so you don’t get a lot of difference in that aspect.

The device is constructed with a silver magnesium alloy, making it a ultra-thin and ultralight design to allows seamless portability. Additionally, the keyboard of the device sports a solid build for a comfortable typing experience.

acer swift 3 sf313-53-78ug design

Aside from that, the device is further designed and constructed with mid-sized bezels that does affect the 3:2 aspect ratio of the display. But, it does compensate for the same with a fairly large armrest and trackpad for easier navigation when you are using the device.

acer swift 3 sf313-53-78ug keyboard The greyish silver color with the magnesium material makes the surface of the device smudge-proof and scratch-resistant. But, individuals have complained about seeing smudges around the lid of the laptop, so make sure you protect it with a sleeve when you are carrying it around.

Coming round to the hinge of the device, it is flexible but not the most. This makes it harder for you to open it with a single hand. The rubber grip on the bottom is again an issue that you might have face problems with. The hinge is flexible up to 180-degrees, allowing you further comfort of work.

But, as we mentioned just above, the new upgraded device comes with enhanced thermal solutions with better ventilation to prevent the risks of overheating and obstructed performance. For those worrying about the connectivity ports, Acer has taken care of that for you too. It comes designed with the much needed USB Type-C and Thunderbolt port for seamless productivity.


Acer has never disappointed their users with the display, so it is not surprising that the Acer Swift 3 SF313-53-78UG has one of the best display panels with vibrant visuals. The 13” FHD display comes with a 3:2 aspect ratio for improved visuals.

acer swift 3 sf313-53-78ug display

The display panel feature high-resolution images and videos with improved brightness and contrast. If you are tired of witnessing the faded color reproduction, this is a pretty good option that takes care of that. It also features a glossy screen but isn’t a touchscreen, which serves as a Debbie downer.

The overall display of the device ensures uniform color distribution, which is a necessity if you don’t want to struggle with spotted display.


Coming round to the performance of the Acer Swift 3 SF313-53-78UG, this is another factor that you wouldn’t have to worry about. The device is powered by the Intel Tiger Lake Core i7-1165G7 processor that ensures enhanced and improved performance from the previous generation devices.

Aside from the processor, the device is also backed by a pretty amazing graphics card with the Intel Iris Xe graphics. It can also be clocked up to 1350MHz, which is an amazing upgrade from the previous Iris Pro G7.

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The one good thing that contributes to enhanced performance is the combination of the 512GB SSD storage along with 8GB RAM for premium quality performance. Both the CPU and the memory of the device are non-upgradeable, which means that you will have to settle with what you get out of the box.

The device also lacks a dedicated control software unit that allows you to switch between multiple Windows power modes, improving the overall performance of the processor and the other functionalities.

Accessory features

With all the basic and important factors in place, the next thing to focus on are the accessory features involved with this upgraded device. The enhanced thermal design of the device is designed with a heat pipe that ensures premium performance unlike the other devices.

The fan components in the device allows it to run fairly cool that allows you to function without any hassle, even with rigorous games. As for the remaining wireless connectivity features, the Acer Swift 13 is designed with the latest Wi-Fi 6 that performs fairly well without any connectivity issues.

But, the one thing that this device still fails down on is the audio. It didn’t get the necessary upgrades to the speakers, making it extremely hard for you to get better clarity to the audio. The internal speakers are constructed in the downwards direction, making it tough for you to get clarity to the audio. The audio isn’t bad but gives off a mediocre output.

Battery life

Another factor that individually influences the performance of the device is the battery life. This one features the 56 Wh battery, which does a pretty decent job in ensuring a few hours of battery backup. It could have been better, no doubt but it does a fairly good job providing up to 7 hours of usage with moderate usage.

acer swift 3 sf313-53-78ug battery life

The charger is designed with the quick charging facility that allows you to charge the device within 2 hours. It also supports USB-Type C charging with the suitable chargers.

Pricing and Availability

The Acer Swift 3 SF313-53-78UG is available on Amazon.com for $899.99.

Final Verdict

With all the important information out of the way, it is time to conclude this article. If you are looking for a mid-range laptop that won’t create an indent in your bank account, the Acer Swift 3 SF313-53-78UG is a pretty amazing option.

It features the latest technologies and a stunning design that makes it an ideal device for every day usage.

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