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Acer Swift 3 and Swift 7 Redefine the Connectivity Landscape with 4G LTE

A constant need to stay connected and avail of lightning-fast connectivity speeds is greater than ever, thanks to the rapidly changing contemporary world. Perfectly timed in this setting is the 4G LTE connectivity offered by the Swift series of Acer laptops, particularly Acer Swift 3 and Acer Swift 7. If the sleek Swift laptops—among the world’s thinnest and most stylish—have impressed you with their performance and reliable battery life (as much as 12 hours for Swift 3), this connectivity-win elevates things to wow.

The two highly portable 14” laptops are equipped with eSIM cards (made possible through a partnership with Translate) that realize a breakneck-speed internet connection. That, by the by, is more than a mere figure of speech: 4G LTE provides speeds almost ten times as fast as 3G! It also frees you from the security and consistency concerns that come with a public network, letting you work with incredible mobility and mental peace.

Acer Swift 3 and Swift 7 comes with 4G LTE

As with many decisions in life, the best time to avail of this is now for Acer is offering a one-month free trial of 4G LTE (1GB). Laptop users can avail of the offer by merely clicking on the network icon and turning on cellular data. It is also straightforward to continue the service after the free trial; there are multiple data plans fitted to varying needs that can also be accessed via the Windows Mobile Plans app. Note that while 4G LTE is an absolute triumph for these laptops, you can still access good old 801.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi (2×2).

Talking of features and fitment to everyday computing needs, the Swift 7 and Swift 3 are adequately competent. They come with an Intel Core i7 and i5 processor respectively, running Windows 10 Pro/Home. Swift 3 is equipped with 512GB of storage space, Swift 7 with 256GB. The resulting performance is smooth and conducive to productivity, especially due to the multitasking tools of the operating system and the support for Cortana, Alexa and Windows Hello. There is also a backlit keyboard, a fingerprint reader, and a Dolby Audio Premium sound system to let you work in varying environmental conditions without fretting about lighting, traveling or noise.

Acer Swift 3 and Swift 7

The graphics support in the Swift laptops is also fair. While the Swift 7 supports Intel HD 615, the Swift 3 lets you experience Intel UHD Graphics 620. Both devices have full High-Definition, In-Plane Switching screens with the optimal resolution of 1920 x 1080. The screen is kept snug by Corning Gorilla Glass, and the display is enhanced by Acer Color Intelligence, further boosting the beauty of the viewing experience.

A stable, secure and speedy internet connection is no longer a “plus” for a computing device; it is almost a mandate. It is inspiring to see a leading laptop maker not only infuse its products with 4G LTE but also bring forth thoroughly winsome solutions to keep you ahead of the pack.

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