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Acer May Launch Chromebook 715 at next@acer New York 2019

Acer’s annual global press conference—the next@acer event—is scheduled for April 11, 2019, in New York, and the market is abuzz with anticipation. If initial vibes are to be believed, the leading tech manufacturer is all set to announce a spate of consumer laptops, including an all-new Chromebook: the Chromebook 715. The most recent launch will join an esteemed league of Chromebooks that boast of superior portability, responsive performance, and a penchant for stretching the boundaries.

acer chromebook 715 next@acer

Previously, Acer has displayed the commitment to coming up with mobile laptops that can cater to everyday needs while also adhering to a budget. Most of these dinky devices are powered by Intel Celeron processors or Intel Pentium CPUs. Some like the Chromebook Spin 13 are equipped with Intel Core i5 or i3 processors and as much as 8GB of RAM. The new Chromebook can be expected to boost the processing muscle further, offering a CPU upwards of an Intel i3 (or a high-speed Celeron/Pentium) and more storage space. Supported by the ever agile Chrome OS, it should fuel both work and play with admirable ease.

It looks probable that Acer will also invest in long battery life. Some Chromebooks launched by Acer over the years have offered tremendous unplugged usage—case in point: the Acer Chromebook 14 with almost 12 hours of battery life. In light of the increasing demand for seamless operations on the go, the Chromebook 715 is also likely to offer all-day battery backup and a pleasing display—at least FHD or QHD.

Acer already has an interesting line-up of Chromebooks in several form factors; you can find nifty 11- and 13-inchers as well as massive 15-inchers that offer a lot of screen real estate at affordable prices. Lately, the overall focus of the market has been on packing in more power and features in convertibles and notebooks while taking up as little space as possible. If Acer wants to cement its place as a manufacturer that offers more for less, it might infuse the new Chromebook with multi-mode usage, say, through a spin-based design like the Chromebook Spin 13. The thickness of the profile is almost certain to be low—perhaps less than 1 inch—and the chassis lightweight enough to make the laptop easy to transport in backpacks. This will, in turn, also lend the Chromebook a premium feel, working around a common complaint that Chromebooks skimp on style.

Acer faces considerable competition in the realm of portable computing, with rivals like HP and Lenovo coming up with Chromebooks that have detachable keyboards and stellar displays. Perhaps, this year’s next@acer event will spell Acer’s entry into new frontiers where its flagship Chromebook is concerned. We are thoroughly excited about the announcements in the pipeline and will keep you updated on them. Watch this space to find out what Acer has in store for you this year and what it can mean for your computing needs.

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