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Acer ConceptD 5 Review: Bringing Alive the World of Design

There was a time when electronic gadgets—especially computers—were considered counterproductive to creative thought. But in the present age, a competent and intuitive laptop is a designer’s best friend—a role that the all-new 15.6” Acer ConceptD 5 laptop fits into snugly.

The new lightweight laptop launched by Acer at its recent next@acer event in New York is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern-age designers and other creative professionals. Launched alongside other siblings in the ConceptD series—including the ConceptD 9 and the ConceptD 7—it is aimed primarily at graphics designers, animators, multimedia artists, and anyone with a penchant for creating engaging content.

acer conceptd 5 review

The Acer ConceptD 5 offers a scintillating 4K display with Pantone-validation for excellent color accuracy. Powered by an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor, it also provides the CPU muscle to run complicated design software or conduct simulation and 3D-modeling.

Let us analyze the features of this most recent Acer launch to predict the comfort and convenience it will bring to its target audience.

A Display to Die For

Truly, the display on this one is magnificent! It provides a 4K monitor with exceptional colors in terms of both accuracy (Delta E <2) and range (100% Adobe RGB). The color-calibrated display realizes meticulous color reproduction that enthralls through its attention to detail. It helps that the color gamut supported is Adobe RGB for it includes a much wider range of shades than you will find in sRGB.

display acer conceptd 5

The screen resolution supported is 3840 x 2160, while the graphics support is for RadeonRX Vega M GL. This combination proves to be ample for various kinds of high-res content.

The cherry on the cake is the super-thin bezel that measures only 0.24” (6.2mm). You get to delight in a screen-to-body ratio as high as 80%. This makes the proceedings immersive and compelling—the ideal scenario for people who need to create and ideate with minimal external disturbance. There is also an IPS panel (In-Plane Switching) to ensure viewing comfort from various positions.

Ample Processing Muscle

Complementing the high-end display is a processing configuration that lets you complete all your design projects with speed and enviable efficiency. The Intel Core i7 processor is mighty enough to run even the most complicated design applications. The RAM support of 16GB (DDR4) and the storage space of 1TB (SSD) keep the booting and loading times low.

performance acer conceptd 5

Adding a generous dash of convenience for users is the ConceptD Palette UI. It is a nimble provision to let you fine-tune any system settings quickly, including the color profile. This will be important for the user group that this system is positioned at; graphics design professionals frequently need to fiddle with the display and other settings to match their current project.

quite cooling 40db acer conceptd 5

The optimized thermal system deserves a special mention. It runs at under 40db which is super quiet for a computer this powerful. What does this mean for users? Only this: a cool, sustainable and silent working environment even when the laptop has been in operation for several intensive hours. This is a thoughtful and much-needed feature in an essentially graphics-designing laptop that will invariably experience strenuous use.

Designing On-The-Go Just Became Easier

Acer has evidently targeted this product at creative professionals who have to be on their feet for considerable portions of their day. In light of the need for mobility, this laptop is both lightweight and sturdy. Built with innovative magnesium-based alloys (with aluminum and lithium), the ConceptD 5 weighs only 2.2lbs (1.5kg).

lightweight design acer conceptd 5

It also has a sleek profile that measures just 0.66” (16.9mm). The intelligent choice of construction material ensures that you get more strength (allegedly up to four times stronger than regular aluminum alloys) at a far lower weight. Indeed, this laptop weighs almost 35% less than some contemporaries of a similar form factor. Bonus: The magnesium-alloy-based design also extends a sense of premium to the computer, exuding sophistication along with street-smartness.

Thanks to the superior portability, you can easily carry this laptop along to the office, public transport, or travel-based assignments. You will find useful mobility-friendly features that further simplify designing on the run. For instance, an embedded fingerprint reader (with Windows Hello) lets you log in securely without having to type in a password. This is particularly handy for those who need to work in collaborative environments where data security is a priority.

backlit keyboard acer conceptd 5

We especially love the backlit keyboard with its gorgeous warm-amber backlighting. Acer claims that the backlight is reminiscent of breaking dawn; we cannot help but agree. Just what you need to soothe your senses during grueling hours of work!

All the Connections You Require

Any portable laptop worth its salt must offer adequate options for connectivity and device support. Thankfully, the new ConceptD 5 laptop understands this well. It is equipped with a USB Type-C port (Gen 1) that permits you to transfer data at speeds as breakneck as 5Gbps. It also has an inbuilt display port, an HDMI to enable you to connect to external displays, and a Kensington Security Slot. There are three USB 3.1 ports for your devices and peripherals. You should face no limitations in carrying your world with you or transforming your space into a full-purpose workstation wherever you happen to be.

The Verdict

The Acer ConceptD 5 is one of the many exciting launches by Acer in 2019, and it has already started riveting audiences. At the next@acer event, it became evident that Acer is focusing on fueling creativity. The company seems willing to go the extra mile for professionals who have a discerning eye (read a compelling need for superior graphics in a lightweight package).

Acer ConceptD 5 Specs
Processor8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
GraphicsAMD Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics
Memoryup to 16GB DDR4 RAM
Storageup to 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD
Display15.6-inch UHD 4K (3840 x 2160)
Weight1.5 Kg

This laptop is a stunning amalgam of great processing power, a brilliant display, and a high degree of customization. Moreover, it has a build that makes it possible to enjoy all of this without being tied to a desk.

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