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Acer Chromebook 13 CB713: Unleash the Power within this Compact Laptop

Chromebooks have, with time, developed a sound reputation for dependable and mobile computing. When it comes to Acer, the laptop maker also infuses its Chromebooks with a tremendous sense of style and fitment for versatile pursuits. The latest Acer Chromebook 13 CB713 is a study in this continuing endeavor to empower audiences with great speeds and efficiencies on the go.

acer chromebook 13 cb713

Equipped with an eighth-generation Intel processor, an all-day battery life, and the ever responsive Chrome OS, the newest 13.5” Acer laptop fits right into hectic lifestyles. It is currently available in two models CB713-1W-36XR and CB713-1W-56VY priced at $699.99 and $799.99 respectively. You can choose between these models based on your requirements; they vary primarily in CPU and storage space.

The Powerhouse

Driving this machine is an Intel i5 or i3 processor of the latest generation. The difference that this CPU makes becomes palpable when you perform heavy-duty tasks such as image encoding, video transcoding, and working on lengthy spreadsheets.  (The i5 processor works at a base frequency of 1.6GHZ while the i3 runs at 2.2GHz.) The computer is equipped with 8GB RAM (LPDDR3) and up to 64GB of storage space (or 32GB).

i3 processor acer chromebook 13 cb713

Of course, when it comes to the operating system, things are as satisfactory as ever. The Chrome OS is super-responsive and loads instantaneously. You can easily access your favorite apps through the simplified interface and infuse your day with a good old dose of productivity. The OS also comes with integrated virus/malware protection that gives you added security, especially when you work in collaborative and high-threat environments.

A particularly useful feature of this laptop is its super-long battery life. Though the exact amount of backup you will get will depend upon your usage, you can typically look at about 10 hours. This is adequate to last you for your entire working day and then some more. The convenience of unplugged usage is a tremendous benefit for a laptop that aims to cater to mobile audiences.

A Display That Overwhelms

As a thumb rule, people don’t expect much from the display of a mobile laptop whose primary aim in life is to function on the go. However, this Acer Chromebook makes a beeline for an immersive and captivating display with a QHD screen (a resolution of 2256 x 1504). The high resolution ensures that all your imagery is rendered to the minutest detail and exhibits great clarity and brightness. You also get a viewing angle of 178°. This wide viewing angle lends you the ease to choose your vantage point without the risk of distorting what’s on the screen.

display acer chromebook 13 cb713

Notably, the screen has an aspect ratio of 3:2. This configuration creates more vertical space for you to read your documents or view your photographs. In fact, it has been tested to provide almost 18% more height than 16:9 displays. This translates into less scrolling as you read your daily news or get through longish work documents. The screen also supports In-Plane Switching, which earns you further viewing liberties irrespective of the angle.

Do note that this laptop comes with integrated graphics with shared memory (Intel UHD Graphics 620) as opposed to a dedicated graphics card. So, if you are looking for gaming-level graphics, you will be disappointed.

Ease of Use: Ergonomic Keyboard

The highlight in terms of accessibility and ease of use is the specially designed keyboard that delivers excellent ergonomics. The keyboard is tilted ever so slightly, and this makes the keys more visible to you while typing. Bonus: You also experience improved precision and comfort while typing.

keyboard acer chromebook 13 cb713

Lending further portability to the proceedings is the well-protected touchpad. When compared to standard plastic touchpads, this Corning Gorilla touchpad is both easier to use and less prone to damage with time. Try zooming in, scrolling or even swiping—you are likely to find these activities considerably smoother than before.

Design & Build

This Chromebook retains the quintessential elegance of its predecessors. It has a sleek, metallic body that is both sturdy and portable. The chassis is constructed with 100% aluminum. It is lightweight without being flimsy. The full metal body ages well; it resists damage by bending or denting better than other materials. This is something you need in a laptop that is going to travel along with you wherever you go!

design acer chromebook 13 cb713

Another intuitive feature of the display is the rubber feet near its edges. These little feet give more stability to the laptop while also protecting it from damage. For instance, when you are furiously typing away on the keyboard, you can rest assured that the work surface won’t encounter any scratches.

Device Support: The Multipurpose USB Type-C Port

This laptop gives you ample device support by ably using the powers of the USB Type-C port. With the USB 3.1 port, you can easily connect to any devices or peripherals that you may need. It offers remarkably fast data transfer speeds up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 ports. Also, since this port is reversible (can be used at both ends), it is incredibly easy to plug in and go.

The Verdict

Great power can reside in the most compact machines—this seems to be the motto of the latest Acer Chromebook 13 CB713. With a processing configuration that simplifies all your daily tasks and a stellar display to support your multimedia experiences, this Chromebook beautifully blends power with style. It is also considerate of your comfort during usage, and, to this end, it boasts of an ergonomic keyboard and a precise touchpad.

Along with these perks, this laptop continues to be driven by the core principles of a Chromebook portable, convenient computing. The dependable construction and intuitive little features for additional protection such as a Corning Glass touchpad and rubber feet near the edges of the display help this laptop stand apart from the crowd. Definitely a launch to watch out for!

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