Intel Unison Will Allow iPhone and Android Users to Share Files, Make Calls, and More on Windows 11

Intel Unison

Intel is finally trying to bridge the gap between Windows, iOS, and Android and it hopes the Intel Unison app will finally bring seamless cross-platform communication. The app will finally allow both Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android smartphone users to transfer files wirelessly to their Windows PCs. Intel Unison is coming soon to Intel-powered laptops … Read more

Google Is Killing Off Stadia On 18th January 2023

Stadia Discontinued

Google is pulling out the plug on its cloud-based gaming service. Stadia will be discontinued early next year and the company will offer full refunds to all its users. Many of the team members that were working on the gaming platform are being shifted to other parts of the company. Stadia Getting Discontinued – What … Read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Leaked on BLF

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 leaked

With the rumors milling in and the speculations online, Microsoft Surface Pro 9 was leaked on (BLF), featuring a stunning convertible design and classy aesthetic look.

Top 5 Best Tablet Under $200 in 2022

best tablets under $200

“Best tablet under $200” may seem a bit incongruous. You may ask, Are there any decent tablets under $200? Yes it’s, high-end tablets from companies like Apple and Microsoft may easily set you back more than $1,000. However, if you keep your expectations low, you may get good tablets in this price range. Thankfully, tablet … Read more