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10 Reasons to go with 11th Gen Intel CPU Laptops

For those who aren’t aware yet, Intel has launched their latest processors, the 11th Gen. Tiger lake processors for optimizing performance and seamless user experience. Aligning their launch with the new Intel Evo platform brand, Intel now has their latest venture for the users to use and possibly enjoy.

11th gen intel core processors list

But, in case you are skeptical about buying a laptop integrated with the 11th Gen. Intel CPU, here are the 10 reasons why you should opt for it.

1. It is the most ambitious project

new features of 11th gen intel processor

Even though Intel doesn’t step back from bringing out new processors for their consumers, their latest chipset is likely the most ambitious project till date.

With the compact design and heightened versatility, these processors represent the world’s best processors for the standard laptops along with the thin and lightweight devices.

This new chipset does break the boundaries of performance with unmatched capabilities in terms of content creation, productivity, gaming and entertainment.

project athena

This new processor also power some of the latest launches under the Intel Evo platform, under the Project Athena innovation program.

2. Heightened frequency

The next reason why the latest chipset from Intel is a worthy purchase is because of the heightened frequency and enhanced performance.

The new chipset from Intel is integrated with Willow Cove CPU with the Intel Xe graphics architectures that are designed on the 10nm SuperFin process technology for better user experience.

new SuperFin technology

This new technology enhances the CPU frequency up to 4.8GHz. This is the first time that an Intel chipset has introduced this kind of frequency in a processor.

This offers leading performance and responsiveness running at significantly higher frequencies.

3. Seamless video chatting option

With the rising popularity of AI, it is not surprising that the latest processors from Intel do feature more intelligence-enhanced experiences for the users.

This new chipset also integrates the CPU offload for neural noise suppression allowing you to blur the background along with video super-resolution feature.

This is also going to enable the latest video decode with the wireless connectivity with the Intel Wi-Fi 6. It is considered the best wi-fi technology for video conference, especially features in some of the latest devices including the thin and lightweight issues.

4. Improved and speedy productivity

In a world where every single person is looking for better performance, the latest chipset from Intel enables the users to experience heightened performance by 20% for everyday tasks.

11th gen intel core best for entertainment

It also features the latest Thunderbolt 4 that further provides the users with the single-cable access to enable fast charging and even connect to the external monitors and the extended storage options.

This allows you to connect the device to four ports simultaneously to peripherals, according to your needs and requirements.

This new integrated chipset defines the way consumers use their laptops in the day to day life.

5. Allows efficient photo editing

This is especially a boon for the content creators and artists. In case you deal with photographs, photo editing and art, the latest 11th Gen. Intel core processor makes the process a lot easier and seamless.

The new chipset enhances the photo editing experience by 2.7x while increasing the video editing process by 2x.

11th gen intel core video editing workflow

With the heightened features and user experience, the platform is also going to support 8K 12B HDR along with four simultaneous 4K HDR Displays. This enabled you to work effortlessly, without any hindrance down the line.

All of these features enable you to have an effortless experience of the advanced content creation without any stopper.

6. Enables faster gameplay

Not just for the content creators, the latest Intel processors bring good news for the gamers too.

It allows you to level up the gaming experience by 2x in comparison to some of the previous generations.

11th gen intel core best for gaming

The device allows you to experience double the faster gaming experience even in some of the heavy-duty games like Borderlands 3, New Dawn, Hitman 2 etc.

The 1080p integrated graphics with such devices further elaborate the gaming experience even more. Aside from the latest chipset, the Intel Iris Xe graphics provides with a better gameplay than never before.

7. Introducing the new Intel Evo platform

Majority of the latest laptop launches featuring the advanced 11th Gen. Intel core processors are part of the Intel Evo platform.

intel evo platform

It is the second edition under the Project Athena innovation program that has given space to some amazing and creative devices that have benefited consumer use.

The devices have been created by professionals who have worked tirelessly to get rid of distractions from the device to enable consistent responsiveness and smoother performance.

If you are always tired of the wires and power cords coming out of the laptops, these new devices take care of that too.

8. Better immersive experience

Every new and advanced innovation from Intel introduces an even better user experience.

The launch of the latest chipset justifies the same. This allows the devices to provide the users with a more immersive user experience and improve the system-level power by 20% in comparison to the previous generation chipsets.

This enhances the battery life of the device, even over an hour with additional video streaming on the platform.

9. Matches up with real-world needs

The latest Intel core processor is developed keeping the real-world needs in mind. It includes the architecture from real-world conditions with real-time testing and measuring methodology that enables better confident usage.

Because of the fact that all the new devices featuring the latest 11th Gen. Intel Core processors are under the Intel Evo series, you know for a fact that they are verified by professionals.

10. Improved experiences

Enhanced user experience is what Intel aims for. Their latest processor stands up to that as well.

From the strong of consistent responsiveness with improved battery life to waking up the device in a second, this chipset is here to enhance your overall user experience for the better.

The devices also feature the fast charging feature, wherein 30 minutes of charging provides you with over 4 hours of usage.

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In case you are planning on buying a device featuring the latest 11th Gen. Intel core processors, we hope that these pointers do come in handy for you. Look through the benefits and decide for yourself whether or not these advanced features are something that caters to your needs or not.

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