Apple Silicon Chips Will Be Now Manufactured In The US

Apple is moving silicon sourcing to its home country as its partner starts producing Apple chips in their new Arizona factory. In Tuesday’s event held at TSMC’s first Arizona Fab (Semiconductor Fabrication Plant), Apple CEO, Tim Cook confirmed that the company will now buy Apple Silicon chips manufactured in the US. Apple Silicon Chips Will … Read more

Alienware May Bring Back 18-inch Gaming Laptops Very Soon

Tired of the 17-inch gaming laptops already or they still aren’t big enough for you? Dell’s high-end gaming laptop brand might release something just for customers like you very soon. In the past, the company experimented with desktop chips inside its laptops and the RGB Trackpad is still a favorite for many. So, Alienware clearly … Read more

Apple’s 10th Gen iPad Isn’t As Repairable As We Thought

When Apple announced the new 10th Gen iPad, I had mixed feeling about it. While the new design with flashy colors, the landscape camera, and the USB Type-C port make compelling cases, the display not being laminated and still relying on the weird 1st gen Apple Pencil alongside the increased price, make the new iPad, … Read more